10 Best Login Practices For Microsoft 365

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10 Best Login Practices For Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is widely accepted in most organizations and businesses. It is easy to use, provides seamless integration, enables mobile access, and has data protection features.

Learning how to use Microsoft 365 components like MS Word, Powerpoint, MS Excel, OneNote, Outlook, and  OneDrive can lead to enhanced productivity.

For example, an MS Excel training course is best for getting a Microsoft certification in Excel and improving your skills in navigating spreadsheets.  High-quality interactive training will equip you with the technical skills you need to do your work.

While Excel training might seem challenging for beginners, happy and engaged learners can grasp the concepts fast. You will learn how to create and use named ranges in MS Excel to store, process, and protect data.

And, in using these tools, it is important to keep your data safe. Microsoft 365 offers built-in data protection features you can use to secure personal and company information. These features work correctly if best practices are applied. 

System users need to understand the best ways to log in and out of digital devices and reduce the risk of data loss. Here are insights into login practices that can help minimize threats and secure data. that will help minimize threats and secure data

  1. Strong Passwords

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Cybercriminals use methods like a brute force to gain access to sensitive information. To protect your user account from hackers avoid passwords that are easy to guess like your name or birthday. Create difficult passwords that hackers cannot guess. 

A password policy that requires all employees to select longer passwords can help improve data security. For example, a strong password should have a combination of letters, special characters, and numbers. 

Do not choose banned words when creating a password. For example, in cloud computing Azure AD (Active Directory) allows you to ban up to 1000 passwords for cloud users.

  1. Multi-Factor Authentication

When using Microsoft 365, enable multi-factor authentication. It is an additional security measure for cloud-based systems like Microsoft 365.

After the first login, a verification code is sent to your mobile phone. Use the code to gain access to your information. 

Additional security measures help keep your information safe from unauthorized users. Training like Microsoft Excel classes can help you secure your data in spreadsheets and Microsoft 365. This provides an extra layer of security after the 2FA.

  1. Create Security Awareness

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Create security awareness in your company. Educate employees on identifying security attacks like suspicious emails, files like Excel spreadsheets, or links that can spread viruses or malware to your system. 

Microsoft Excel course can help you understand how to keep your data safe from cybercriminals and avoid infected MS Excel files.

Cybercriminals also use methods like phishing to gain access to your system and steal information or manipulate data. 

Tell system users what they should do if they suspect a cyber attack. Advise users not to share their passwords.

  1. Conditional Access

Determine the regions that can access your system. Do not provide access to foreign logins. 

Restricted access allows you to keep your information safe and engage with the right people. For example, you can block sites that you do not do business with.

  1. Enable Auditing of Logs

Configuring audits is an important feature that helps track user activities. You can run reports, delete information, share, download, or analyze users' other activities.

Microsoft 365 log interpretation is made using Azure. Log in audits can help identify any suspicious activity like foreign or unknown login attempts in your system.

  1. Secure Score

A secure score shows your logins, data, application, devices, and infrastructure state of security. You can find out security best practices in Microsoft 365 using a score. 

Microsoft also recommends best practices that can help keep your system secure. To understand the state of your security, you need to review your security score every quarter.

  1. Enable OneDrive

If your employees or system users store information on their desktop or my documents folder, you can perform a backup on OneDrive. OneDrive is a feature that allows you to backup all your information in the cloud. 

This backup solution can help you recover your data in case of a ransomware attack that locks you out of your system. The OneDrive feature allows you to roll back and recover lost information and files. You can access your work and continue with your business.

  1. Role-Based Access Control

All users should not have access to all the information in a system. For example, sensitive accounting data like employees’ personal information in an Excel spreadsheet should not be accessible to everybody. 

Such sensitive information can be password protected, locked, or hidden using Excel features. Taking Microsoft Excel short courses can help you learn these functions.

Secure your system with role-based access. Provide access rights to information that is relevant to a particular user. This will protect data, for example, if an intruder manages to hack a user’s password, the effects of the security breach will be minimal.  

  1. Device Management

Device management is an essential part of securing company information and resources. Employees and employers can access company information from their mobile devices and any location. 

They send emails, install applications and do some work on their laptops or mobile phones. It is important to be able to manage these devices remotely. 

Mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) do the following to enhance security.

  • Support and manage different mobile phone environments like iPadOS/ iOS Android, macOS, or Windows.

  • Ensure digital devices are compliant with security requirements

  • Ensure policies are in place to keep company information safe on digital devices

  • They help control employee access from a remote location.

  1. Mail Flow Security

Advanced email security in Microsoft 365 scans URLs and hyperlinks to ensure links shared through email are safe. It also opens and scans all email attachments and websites to ensure no malware will be delivered to users.

Mail flow security also helps to prevent spoofing. Creating a DNS (Domain Name System) ensures your emails are secure as they move from sender to receiver. DNS has the following components

  • MX (Mail Exchanger) Email servers use a mail exchanger to locate the receiver of a mail.

  • SPF (Sender-Policy Framework) is a particular TXT file that ensures spoofing does not occur when an email is sent.

  • DKIM (DomainKeys Identified-Mail) allows you to use digital signatures on the emails you send. The receiver of the email uses the digital signature to prove the email is legitimate.

  • DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication-Reporting and Conformance) receives emails and decides what to do with those that fail DKIM or SPF.

Key Takeaway

Microsoft 365 has many important benefits, including built-in data protection features. Enabling these features, creating data security and login policies, and implementing them will help secure your company data. 

What is more important is for the technology experts to focus on cybersecurity efforts and protect the working environment. Malicious attackers come up with new ways to penetrate systems. 

This means organization leaders should put more effort and more attention into overcoming cyber security challenges. Keeping up with the best login practices and recommendations from Microsoft 365 is a good place to start.


How do I secure my Office 365?

Having multi-factor authentication is vital. Sticking to the basics such as not disclosing your passwords to anyone, not responding to auto-following emails can make sure your Microsoft 365 account stays as secure as possible.

Is Microsoft 365 secure?

Microsoft has ramped up the Microsoft 365 defender that can repel any ransomware that is thrown its way. There are cases where this has protected users against even the most sophisticated of attacks. 


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