3 Benefits Of Safeguarding Login Data For Startup Businesses

2 days ago | Ezekiel Littel

3 Benefits Of Safeguarding Login Data For Startup Businesses

Hackers only target big corporations or established companies, right? Well, dispel that thought right now because the answer is a resounding no. There is no source of data, big or small, that cybercriminals cannot use to their advantage. 

Actually, small and medium businesses are a major target. Do you want to know why? It could be due to the fact that such companies do not have the financial might to pay for advanced cybersecurity measures. The business owners may also not allocate sufficient time to upgrade whatever systems they have in place. 

A 2021 report shows that there was a 424% increase in cyber-attacks targeting small businesses. 

Yet only 40% of small businesses believe they are at risk. And it gets worse. 1/3 of such companies will not spend money on cybersecurity. They resort to using free or consumer-grade measures to protect themselves. 

As a startup, the onus is on you to ensure that you take good care of any data you collect. It is, therefore, critical to protecting your login credentials so that third parties do not have access to it.  

We will show you the benefits of safeguarding login data for startup businesses in our article below. Let’s dive straight into it.  

  1. Better Privacy for Client Information 

Let's say your new business is a startup. You will be privy to a lot of sensitive information from clients seeking your services. To help you develop brand visibility strategies, they must share a lot of information with you

Especially a marketing agency for startups should always stay vigil. These marketing agencies hold the key for their client’s startup business to prosper. The last thing they need is someone prying away these valuable data from them.

It could be information on market penetration tactics, competitor analysis, market research findings, and so much more. Only then can you come up with brand visibility tactics to help with marketing the startup. 

Now, there is one important consideration. It is all about how you manage and handle such information. If it falls into the wrong hands, it could be a setback for the startup. 

Now, what happens when you have other people on your team? It becomes even more critical to ensure you keep the client's data safe. 

Keeping data safe covers everything from how you collect, handle/manage and store the data. And that's not all, it also has a lot to do with who can access it.  

There are permission levels you can give depending on the job holder. These are the least privilege access and zero trust policy. 

The least privilege covers minimum access to data. It is typically for a short duration and only for a particular task. When the job is complete, create new login details to bar further access.  

Zero Trust policy means you trust no one; within or outside the organization. Everyone must go through a verification process to gain access.  

Startups should apply the same principles in their companies. Remember, one big security concern is insider threats. An employee can expose the startup to areas of vulnerability intentionally or unintentionally. Limiting privilege to login details is one way of keeping data safe.  

  1. Login Credentials are the First Line of Defense against Unauthorized Access

As we stated earlier, startups, like any other business, are prone to cyber-attacks. That is why you must have a solid line of defense for your business. Think about it this way, do you know why a lock on your door is important? Well, it makes it that much harder for anyone trying to get access to the building. 

The login credentials are that lock on your computer systems or networks. That is why cybersecurity experts advise on strong passwords and multi-factor authentication. 

Multi-factor authentication is that extra layer of security. In some instances, cybercriminals manage to hack the password. But, they must still find a way around the extra verification.

The security experts advise against storing login credentials online. Also, avoid jotting them down in your notebook. If someone steals your bag or hacks your password manager, they get access to your data.  

Are we saying that password managers are bad? The answer is no. But, do take the time to research the one you want to use. Look at what security features they have to ensure that your login credentials remain safe. 

They should include strong encryption measures. Further, anyone needing access must pass through authentication protocols. Some of the best managers are not prone to phishing attacks.  It provides extra security for your startup company login credentials.  

  1. Safeguarding Data is a Key Concern for Customers 

The online space has made it easy for people to share personal information. Every time you shop online or do some research the website collects information. The same information sharing happens on social media platforms.

As a startup, you will notice that you collect a lot of customer information. You can expect the amount to go up the more you grow depending on your business line. An e-commerce owner may collect such information for marketing or retargeting purposes. Internet service providers may use the information to understand usage and so on. 

Customers understand that the information is out there. And, they do want the assurance that it is safe. It gets even more critical for a new business that is still trying to establish itself. A data breach in the infancy stage of the company can cause irreparable reputational damage. 

Modern customers will pay attention to the policies you have around data protection. That is why companies display security badges and use HTTPS connections. It shows the customers that you take online security seriously. 

It helps bolster confidence in your organization if you take steps to safeguard access to data. The result is more trust amongst your customers.  

Final Thoughts

Safeguarding login credentials is an important security measure. It does not matter whether your company is a startup or more established. If you collect any customer data you must keep it safe. The same applies to any information the company generates on a daily basis.

Login credentials are some ways through which different parties can access the information.  And that is why one of the best tips is to have strong passwords and multi-factor authentication.

Ensure they are unique, not the common name combinations, birthdays are anniversaries. Avoid writing down passwords or storing them online. Even if you must use a password manager, take the time to find a good one. 

That means it has security features like encryption and authorization protocols. Modern customers are more knowledgeable due to quick access to information. They need to know that if they share information, it will remain safe.

Showing them that you have security measures in place provides assurance. It is also a fantastic way to create trust and loyalty amongst the customers.  


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