7 Effective Methods To Use Technology For Business Growth

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7 Effective Methods To Use Technology For Business Growth

If you own a business or want to start one then you have to keep a number of things in mind.  Multiple factors are important in starting a business such as a business plan, investment, budget, marketing strategies, social media accounts setup and management, and so much more. Marketing is the task that requires something extra that we can call "technology" in this context. 

It is really a question that if technology improves communication among a brand and it's target audience? Because using the internet and latest technology has a major purpose of building a connection with the audience and presenting the products to them in a creative way. It's the need of every venture, that's why technology took over. 

7 Effective Methods to Use Technology for Business Growth

It is necessary you use technology in every suitable way to grow your business since it's the only way any business can work and grow like normal. Interested in knowing what could be some ways to use technology for the growth of your business? Here we go with 7 top technology trends that could help grow your business.

  1. Set-up a Successful Remote Work Structure to Get Going without Investing More Money 

It is the first one and the most underrated strategy to grow your business with technology. Have you ever realized how remote work structures of companies have provided maximum benefit to the employees working from home, including the revenues, overall savings and company's performance?

People switched to an online remote working schedule right after the COVID-19 hit. It was the need that turned out to be effective just because of technology. All thanks to the internet that enabled people to conduct online company meetings and educational classes. The apps that turned out to be really useful are:

  • Zoom 

  • Google meet

  • Google Drive 

  • Dropbox

  • Trello 

  • Evernote

  • Buffer

People who couldn't travel to far areas for jobs are also enjoying this structure just because of the technology. That's why setting up a remote work structure can help you save money, hire more capable employees and generate more profit. Isn't it the best gift of technology? 

  1. Use Social Media to Boost Social Presence

How can we forget social media in this race where everything depends upon the social media marketing campaigns and a brand image? You can see how brands grow rapidly on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many other social media platforms, resulting in more sales hence better profit. 

All these social media sites can be used to run ad campaigns that attract more clients. Not to forget social media is the biggest source of client hunting and building engagement with the audience. Indeed it's the best way to use technology in case you want to grow your business. Social media platform like 

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • YouTube

  • Instagram

  • Snapchat

Will help in making it possible for you. 

  1. Switch to AI to Replace Unnecessary Labor Cost 

Artificial Intelligence AI has always been a great attraction for the companies and brands. It has reduced the labor work to much extent, and helped in the growth of the ventures. Different tasks that used to be done by experts who charged the highest costs are now doable by AI tools within half of half the cost. 

It emphasizes how companies can save more and spend on the right use of technology to give a boost to their sales. Therefore this latest technology has to be a significant part of every brand if they focus on the development. Some AI tools that might helps you are 

  • MxNet

  • Caffe

  • Scikit Learn

  • Tensor flow 

  1. Use Analytics to Follow all Reports and Data 

The analytics provided can help understand the customer behavior, create marketing campaigns, learning and analyzing the data and other stuff. The use of analytics can prove to be quite beneficial because you get to interpret a number of factors in the business. Those factors and their reports can be used to design further strategies and promote the increase in the company's revenue.  Some apps to calculate analytics are 

  • Google Analytics/Firebase 

  • Mixpanel

  • Adobe Analytics

  • Flurry 

  1. Switch to Online Transaction Methods for a Better Customer Service

The window shopping is the most common type of shopping trend nowadays, again the credit goes to COVID-19. People refrain from going out to buy things so they order at home. The online payment methods such as paying via PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, Amazon Gifts Cards etc has made things much easier for everyone. 

Both companies and customers get benefitted in this way. One doesn't have to leave home to do shopping, the other party earns more and receives payments much more easily. That's why this kind of technology is a bliss for the companies focusing on higher revenue generation. You can definitely grow your business with technology in this way. 

As mentioned earlier, these online payment methods can help you 

  • PayPal

  • Google Pay

  • Apple Pay

  • Xoom 

  • Circle Pay

  1. Utilize Online Food Delivery Services to Deliver at Doorsteps

If you own a restaurant, food cafe or a donut shop, you have to have an online food delivery system for your customers. More people tend to order food than visit the stores themselves, which is why we could see a massive increase in the launch of delivery services delivering your favorite meal at your doorsteps. 

Not just food, but the groceries and other products are also being delivered to the users.  This service has saved restaurants in a way that they're able to make more profit. People living much away from their location are buying from them, what could be better than this for any food chain?

You can download these apps to order your favorite food without leaving home 

  • UberEats

  • Foodpanda

  • Zomato 

  • DoorDash 

  1. Download Useful Mobile Apps to Multitask 

Mobile apps have played the maximum part in making the business activities easier and frequent. You can see there is an application for every single task. For the finances and calculations you have different billing and budgeting apps, for online delivery services, team management, social media campaign reports, records and data, creating and saving important documents you have plenty of mobile apps. 

Every company uses these particular apps and keeps their work going on. Because it is absolutely necessary to keep a check on everything and run all of the tasks smoothly. Technology has done wonders once again in this field by providing excellent applications serving various purposes. No doubt these applications have also saved time and money, ensuring the business growth in a useful manner. 

Use these apps to do the multitasking

  • Dropbox

  • Pandora

  • Self Control

  • Forest 

  • Handle 


Technology is really a blessing for businesses and companies. In this century, it is impossible to start and run a business without technology, let alone growth. If you want to see massive growth and exceptional raise in the sales profit, do try these 7 methods to use technology in the most strategic way. 

Author's bio: Gillian Ward is a research and essay writer with an experience of 5 years in crafting informational blogs and articles. She possesses a Masters degree in Mass Communication and has been writing as a hobby for a very long time. She's creative, optimistic and extremely dedicated to her job. 


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