Build An ECommerce Website With WordPress In 2022

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Build An ECommerce Website With WordPress In 2022

You're planning to set up an online store and you're relying on WordPress to help you get it done. LoginAsk is sure of it - after all, 30 percent of all websites in existence these days are powered by WordPress, and for great reason. It's a robust, adaptable platform, and most important is that it's completely free!

If this is the case, I want to know more, take a look at our side-by-side comparison of the most popular e-commerce platforms and web builders for a more simple solution. If you're still using WordPress, we'll get to the method of creating an online store.

Steps to Build An eCommerce Website with WordPress

Here are a few steps to Build An eCommerce Website with WordPress

Get Your Perfect Domain

You can purchase domain names on sites such as NameCheap. If you're lucky enough, the one you're looking for is offered for sale for free and at a low price ($10 to $20 per year). If you're not lucky and your desired domain may not be available or be resold at a price that is much higher, which can be several hundred or even thousands. This is only applicable for the first year, however, even the most expensive domain names can renew at the standard price ($10 between $20 and $20 per year) thereafter. It's generally best that your name is as similar to your brand's name as you can and keep it as short and memorable.

Get Hosting Service

You've registered your domain name in the bag. It's time to choose a hosting service. Every website requires hosting. It's like leasing a space on the internet. Just be sure to select an area that has ample space to grow!

When it comes to selecting the right hosting provider in addition to the kind of hosting you'll actually require it is important to consider the type of store you're creating. One thing we'll say that you should avoid is shared hosting. If you share the server with other sites If one of them is compromised the site will be vulnerable also. If you're handling people's credit card information the risk is simply not an acceptable risk.

Install WordPress

Upload on your hosting dashboard manually downloading WordPress and adding it onto your host account

It's not surprising that this is certainly the most straightforward, and the one we would recommend. If you're picking a hosting provider make sure you choose one that has the convenience of 'one-click installations - take a look at the companies on our list of top WordPress hosts to find some of the tops.

Install and Activate WooCommerce

Log into your WordPress dashboard, then go to the directory of plugins by clicking on 'Plugin' in the left side menu: Find 'WooCommerce' using the search bar, and then click the grey "Install Now" button. You can search for WooCommerce within the theme directory In a short time the button will change into a blue one that states "Activate". Click it. The helpful wizard for setting up WooCommerce will open and guide you through the remainder of the setup procedure.

Select an Idea

The theme you choose to use will serve as the basis for your website's content. The benefit of WordPress is that it can be completely customized - simply by making changes or changing your HTML text of the website, You could get something that is not like the original layout.

Unless you're a coder and are looking to completely customize your theme It's logical to pick the theme that is like your final product as is possible.

Add to Your Products

After you've set up Jetpack - the final stage of the initial configuration for WooCommerce You'll be presented with a screen inviting you to upload your first item. At the end of setting up WooCommerce, you're not quite ready to upload your product yet, it's acceptable. If you want to return to your dashboard, select 'Products' from the left-hand side, and then click "Add New": adding new products to WooCommerce for each product you upload

Create Content That Can be Converted

It's now time to alter the text on your most important pages. Locate these pages by going to "Pages'' and then "All Pages. We've written a comprehensive guide to writing content for the web that is packed with expert advice from copywriting specialists. Make sure to go through it! We'll focus on a few particular kinds of content.

Make your Website Accessible to the Public

After you're completely satisfied with the way your website functions (remember that you are able to preview pages' so you can see them appear in real-time) It's time to publish it. This is the easiest step! Navigate to Settings, then Privacy. After you've uploaded the privacy statement You should be able to switch your website into a public one.


WordPress is best suited for those who have some experience in technology. In case (like most!) you don't fall into this category, don't be concerned - website builders for e-commerce are made to be simple for everyone to use.


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