Change Your Skype Username - Some Steps

6 days ago | Prof. Darien Osinski I

Change Your Skype Username - Some Steps

Do you want to change your Skype name using some easy and simple steps? The Skype Id number is unchangeable but, you can change your Skype Password and Skype Username if you want a new one. You can use this New Skype User name; for your identification; in meetings and calls. The Skype username is changeable, and you can change your Skype name easily. In this article, you will know how to Change your Skype Username by using the correct method on your mobile. This article will guide you completely on How to Change Your Skype Name on Mobile? 

What is Skype and Skype Username?

Skype is an online communication application to make video conference calls for online meetings and deliver online video lectures. You can install this application on your android and IOs device to enjoy all features of video conference calls. The app is best for delivering video lectures and online business meetings. You need to create an account on Skype for using the application on your device and enjoy the features of this app.

When you create a Skype account, you get an Id number, username, and password to use the application. You need the id number for signing in to the Skype application. Skype name is the identification of your account on this online communication application. It is shown to others when you make video conference calls online. It is easy to Change Your Skype Username and Password by using the same steps.

Why Can't I Change My Skype Username?

Many social media applications let the users change the Username, which is shown to others; in online communication. In the old version of the Skype application, the users could not select their Username themselves, and it was assigned; by the server. But now, in the latest version of the app, users can select their Username; by themselves. You cannot change your Skype name after creating an account because it is displayed on your Skype Id. But, you can Change Your Skype Username by changing the email address of your Skype account.

Change Skype Username on IOs:

Do you want to know; How Do you Change Your Skype Username on Your Laptop or PC? Are you using the Skype application on your IOs? You can change your Skype Username on IOs device taking some easier steps. You have to open the Skype website homepage for changing your Skype Username. You can also use the Skype application for changing the Username.

  • Make sure your device internet connection and download the Skype application on your Windows system if you do not have one.
  • Open the Skype application on the laptop or PC and get sign in to your Skype account using your Id information.
  • Search the profile option for changing the username and select the display name option with the help of the cursor.
  • In the Skype profile, you will find a pencil option; with the display name; to Change Your Skype Username. Click on this Pencil option to write a new Skype Username and save the changes.

Your Skype User name is changed successfully, and you can use this new Username; for your online calls and meetings.

How to Change the Skype Username on Mobile?

Skype application has all features for mobile users and IOs. Android users can use this application to enjoy all the video calling features. if you are using the Skype application on your android device, you can change your Skype Username on your mobile phone by opening the application. Follow these steps to know How to change the Skype Username on Mobile:

  • Download and install the Skype application on your Android device to use the app for changing your Skype username.
  • Open the application and get sign-in to your account.
  • Go to the profile page and click on the display name to use the option of name changing.
  • Click on the pencil option to write a new Skype user name for your account and save this new name.
  • You will get a new page where; you can write the new Username; to change Your Skype Username. Write the name click on the okay button to save the changes successfully.

You have changed your Skype Username successfully and will see this new name on your profile. You can Change Your Skype Username via Email by changing the email id of your Skype account. You can edit your profile to create a new Skype Id and get a new username.


Skype is an online communication application for android and IOs users; to make online conference calls. You can create an account on the Skype application for your business meetings and video lectures. You get a Username and User Id; on this application. The application allows the users to change the display name easily and change Skype username by changing the email address on the profile.


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