Common Login Problems: Causes And Solutions

1 week ago | Rolando Altenwerth DVM

Common Login Problems: Causes And Solutions

Facing server errors or login issues is very common and normal. The huge internet traffic, poorly made servers, and bad internet connections are just egging into the already existing problem. The amount of server users has grown in the past few years, causing many apps and servers to slow down, leading to errors. The problem of bugs and viruses has increased too. With these issues, security and privacy protection have increased by a lot, resulting in login expiration and password failures. Though login issues have become a daily problem and are very easy to solve, nobody can deny the stress it causes, especially if it happens at some crucial moment. It can break you into sweat and tears if you have no special technological knowledge, so it is always better to be prepared beforehand.

In this article, we have talked about the main causes and solutions of the login failures to help you prepare.

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What a login issue is

A login issue can arrive when you are trying to open an application or server by logging into your details. It is one type of page or server failure that occurs while opening the server or app. But login errors can occur even when you are in the middle of doing your work or scrolling through pages.

Causes of login issues

Usually, the pop-ups in the page show the reasons for login issues when it occurs. But there are times when nothing is shown on the screen. Though different problems can arise, most causes are the same as following-

Incorrect password or username

It is often seen that most login errors happen due to the incorrect fill-ups of usernames and passwords. Most of the time, we can not see the passwords due to privacy protections, leading to the wrong typing of passwords.

Wrong captcha code

A lot of servers want to verify if you are a human or bot for their protection policies. Here you need to enter a captcha code or solve a pattern or puzzle for verification. Many times, it is filled up wrongly, resulting in a login failure.

Network failure

If you have an unstable or slow network, you are more likely to face a login issue. Sometimes, the pages even get timed out for a slow internet connection.

Internet traffic

If many people are trying to enter the server at one time, a login error may occur due to excessive traffic on the page.

Slow servers

If a server or app is poorly made, it takes more than normal time to log into a page. It can even cause the page to expire or time out.

Poorly made pages

If a page is not made correctly or has some errors, the probability of running into login errors increases by tenfold.

Old servers

Sometimes it is seen that the servers have become too old to serve their purpose properly. If a server is not well maintained and updated regularly, it can result in login errors.


If a virus or bug attacks a server or app, it can cause server failure. Logging into the page at that time can cause damage to your dev iced too.

A few solutions to login errors

If a login error occurs, stay calm and check the following-

Username and password

First of all, check if you have put down the right username or password.

Reenter the captcha code

See if the captcha code is wrongly entered or has expired. You can reload the captcha code too.

Refresh the page

If the problem is still there, refresh or reload the entire page and start from the beginning.

Check connection

Check your internet connection and speed to see if the error is happening because of it.

Restart your device

It may be a problem with your device. Restart it to see if the problem has gone.

Try it after a few hours.

If an error is happening for excessive traffic, you may try to log in after some time or when the traffic is low such as nighttime or work hours.

Use a different device.

Try to log in to your account from a different device and see if that works.

Reinstall or update the app

If you are trying to log into some application, you may uninstall and then reinstall it to see if it works. You can also try updating the app. Sometimes the app can run slow due to a lack of update.

If it still does not work, it would be best to take an expert’s help for better results.


Be wise and read the article carefully to know your ways out of such situations. It may not always be possible to get in touch with experts at the time of emergencies. You must have some basic technical knowledge to help yourself. Even if you think you have enough computer skills, it may not help if you can't use them. Be calm and composed in these situations and use the above-mentioned techniques for the best results.


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