Detailed Guides To Create A Tiremaker Account

1 week ago | Felicia Kutch Sr.

Detailed Guides To Create A Tiremaker Account

Who doesn't like to categorize, right? We all do. It makes our work easier to put things in groups to use for future use. Allowing titles to things gives a sense of peace to humans. Grouping things can help you use that division as a source of data to use that for future reference and decision making.

To create such lists, you need to have an App or software that can help you grade/rank stuff in order. And can be used for future reference. But where to find such Apps will help you set and rank your favorites based on their own choices.

Well, there is an answer to that. Tiermaker! Tiermaker is a ranking system where you can rank anything in tiers from good to bad. So by using a tier list, you can group similar ranked items. Tier lists can be created in a very quick, easy, and efficient way.

With Tiermaker, you can create your own template of your own choice endlessly. Once you have an account, you are presented with various templates, and you can create your own list with the options available.

So what does it take to create an account at Tiermaker? Well, all it takes is your Twitter account. Tiermaker, like most websites, takes a similar route of using your social media to spread awareness. So all it needs to create an account in Tiermaker is your Twitter account. That is why people would want to create Detailed Guides to Create a Tiermaker Account.

A Detailed Guides to Create a Tiermaker Account

Here is a step by step detail of how to create a Tiermaker account:

  1. So to signup for Tiermaker, visit
  2. On the right-upper corner of the screen, you'll find an option with 'Login'. Click on it. 
  3. You'll be led to a page with an option to 'Login through Twitter'. There will be a warning given below that says, 'By creating an account, you will automatically follow @TierMaker on Twitter. You are free to unfollow us if you don't want amazing content. uses cookies. You may read more about our policy here.' 
  4. Click on the option of 'Login through Twitter', and just like that, you have an account on Tiermaker. 

As mentioned above in the warning, after creating an account on Tiermaker, you automatically, but you can unfollow them later on without your ID being deleted. But according to the website, the decision of whether to unfollow them lies with you as you'll be missing out on great content. 

Tiermaker's mission statement is to 'help you rank everything you love in tiers'.

So here are few tips that can teach you how to create the best of Templates with Tiermakers without getting flagged or hidden.

  1. Try to keep your titles broad and generic: Try to keep the title of the template just in a common offhand sort of way rather than going personal and creating topics such as a character of series without being personal like adding words such as 'my', 'favorite', 'best', 'personal', etc. in the title for a template is not just for you, unlike a list which is. The website automatically incorporates templates or lists with titles such as 'tier list' or 'template'; therefore, it's better to generically describe the image set.
  2. Don't create an already existing template: It's useless to create templates that are already there. Exactly copying the same things can get your list hidden because of the repetitions. It's also better to create templates that a bigger audience can use.
  3. Hide your bad templates: If any of your templates are bad or not up to the expectations, it's better to hide that template. By doing that, you help keep the user experience clean for users across the website.
  4. Create text labels that don't offend anyone: Although you're free to use any language, it's better to use language that doesn't offend anyone or makes them uncomfortable.

Alternatives to Tiermaker

People are always looking for options for various things. So for all those who are looking for alternatives on Tiermaker, well here are five different alternatives of Tiermaker:

  1. Google Similar Pages: It is an extension of Google for Google Chrome users. An alternative to Tiermaker Google Similar Pages is a great way to explore other pages or websites that users are currently on. The extension is used to find similar web pages of these websites currently visited by users.
  2. SitesLike provides alternatives to websites. For example, On searching for websites like YouTube, you'll get an endless list of YouTube alternatives. Sites like alternatives to any news website, social website, video streaming website, entertainment website, or any movie website, without any restrictions and limitations.
  3. It is a web-based platform that provides the full description to get satisfied that they are getting the perfect alternatives and options only. TopSitesLike takes up a lot of considerations before offering the best information in the best way possible.
  4. Ranker: Ranker is a topmost digital media company that works on opinion-based, crowdsourced rankings on almost everything. 
  5. RankedByVotes: Ranked By Votes gets the best entertainment lists such as movies, TV series, anime, and more. Each list is sorted by popularity and is selected based on votes.   


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