Forgot Your UCAS Login Details - What Should You Do?

1 week ago | Prof. Randal Blick II

Forgot Your UCAS Login Details - What Should You Do?


It is really frustrating when you forget your UCAS login details. However, don't panic; there are ways to deal with this. The first idea might be to try and find the original email that was sent when you registered, though many people won't keep these emails for very long! You can get in touch with UCAS via phone or email, and there are other services available to help you if you're having problems logging in.

Steps to recover UCAS Login:

1. Check your UCAS inbox for a message from the UCAS team.

2. When you cannot log in to UCAS, or have had your account blocked, you should contact the UCAS support team via email on [email protected] , phone 0303 123 4097 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm) or get in touch via social media with @ucashelp .

3. UCAS has an independent company  called The Logon Service  that can be used to log in if you have Forgot your UCAS login details. Here's the website:

4. You can follow the latest news and updates from UCAS via Twitter: .

5. If you've lost your password, and have a smartphone, there is a free app you can download from Google Play  or Apple's App Store called 'UCAS sign in'. The app lets you change your passwords if needed, but it only works for students who registered with either their email address or mobile phone number.

6. If you have lost your mobile phone and cannot remember your password, there is a service run by The Logon Service  called ' Mobile Recovery ', which can help. You need to know either the full name on your account or the email address used to create it.

7. UCAS has an online tool called Ask Ucas , which you can use to find out simple information, such as what your Username is. It's worth a go!

8. Here's a complete list of things you can do with Ask Ucas:

9. Find out more about UCAS Extras , a service that lets you update your application and search for personalised offers.

10. By now, If you want to know more about UCAS Extras! Click:

11. You can also find out how the UCAS Back Door works  (which is a way of getting into your account if you've Forgot your UCAS login details).

12. If you have Forgot your UCAS login details or just need UCAS login details, you can find out what they are at this site: .

13. Finally, if you'd prefer to get your login details via email, you can get in touch with the UCAS team by replying to the original email that was sent when you registered for an account.

UCAS Login Tips:

If your forget your login details, don't panic - it's easy to get back into your UCAS account here is a step by step guide:

Option 1:   Use the ' Forgot your UCAS login details ' service by clicking here    

Option 2:  If you have recently changed your email address, or you don't have access to the email account that was used when you registered with UCAS, then please fill in the online form . You will need to supply your UCAS ID number and details of where you applied to study. Alternatively, you can call UCAS on 0306 021 0414 and we will be able to help.     

Option 3:  If your concern is the email address registered to your account (e.g. because it has changed but you need to access an old application), please click here for more information .

Checking the UCAS website will help to find out the latest updates regarding errors, as well as what you should do if you have any problems.    

Several people are reluctant to come off that first choice if they detect a mistake was made on it and they want to change it for a better one. However, there is no point in worrying about that as admissions tutors will never find out if a mistake is made. In addition, students cannot be held responsible for someone making a false application in their name, so they have to change it.

The best thing is to fill in your application again from scratch and send it off as soon as you can!    

Overview:  You don't have to worry about being unlucky enough to forget your UCAS login details. As long as you keep them safe, there are many options available if you find yourself in this situation. It is best to go through the process again and make sure that your application is correct this time around!

If all else fails, create a new account and redo your application from scratch rather than trying to recover your old one.

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Conclusion:  Don't worry about forgetting your login details - there are many tools to help you find them again, as well as fix any mistakes.

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