Four Tips To Fix Overwatch Login Error

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Four Tips To Fix Overwatch Login Error

When attempting to log in to the game with their account, some Overwatch players receive the BC – 101 error. This error indicates that the client was unable to connect to the server and has only been reported on the console (Ps4 and Xbox One).

Overwatch Error BC – 101: Common issue at Overwatch

When troubleshooting this specific issue, you should first ensure that Blizzard is not currently mitigating some server issues beyond your control. This error code may also appear if there is a server outage in your area or if the game servers are undergoing maintenance.

It's also possible that you're dealing with a date and time server client. mismatch. Keep in mind that Overwatch is one of the games that uses data and time verification when the console tries to connect. If the date and time are incorrect, the connection may be rejected. All you need to do in this case is set the date and time to the correct values.

A network inconsistency, on the other hand, can It could also be blamed for the appearance of the BC – 101 error. You could be experiencing a fairly common TCP / IP issue, in which case a router reboot or reset should resolve the problem. However, if you are experiencing NAT issues, you will need to either enable UPnP (if supported by your router) or manually forward the ports required by Overwatch. However, as some affected users have confirmed, this issue can also occur when conflicting Overwatch versions are installed at the same time (Overwatch and Overwatch Beta). In this case, you'll need to uninstall Overwatch Beta to resolve the problem.

If corrupted system files are causing this error code (and you are experiencing similar problems), If all else fails (e.g., other games), you should consider a factory reset.

Due to the fact that Overwatch is a multiplayer game, network errors are quite common. When you try to play Overwatch, for example, you may encounter a log-in error. When there is a problem connecting to the or Overwatch servers, this error occurs. The error can occur on any device. If all else fails (e.g., other games), you should consider performing a factory reset.

Because Overwatch is a multiplayer game, network errors are quite common. A log-in error, for example, may occur when you attempt to play Overwatch. This error occurs when there is a problem connecting to the or Overwatch servers. The error can happen on any device. Xbox One, as well as BC-153, which is only found on the PlayStation 4.

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How to Resolve the Overwatch Login Error

Fortunately, the various types of login errors are relatively simple to resolve. If you try some of the solutions listed below, you should be able to resolve the problem.

1. Reset your Network Devices

Your router may occasionally become overburdened with data. When this happens, your router will be unable to perform new tasks properly. Fortunately, simply resetting your router resolves the problem. Simply turn your router off for 30 seconds and then back on.

This should clear out any unnecessary data and allow your router to perform new tasks. Try launching Overwatch again. when the reset is finished If the problem persists.

2. Try to Conduct a Looking Glass Test

On the website, Blizzard provides a useful free service. The service enables users to identify the source of any network-related issues with any Blizzard game. Simply launch your browser and navigate to Using Looking Glass, you will be able to run a test to determine whether the problem is caused by your own network or by a third-party network. If it turns out that Blizzard's servers are to blame, you'll just have to wait a little longer.

3. Examine your network configuration

You should check your network configuration settings because the error could be caused by firewall issues. Firewalls have the ability to restrict or change the priority of packets coming from unknown sources. This may cause patching issues and prevent you from connecting to Blizzard servers. Updating the firmware on your router is a good way to solve the problem.

4. Security Programs Should Be Disabled or Uninstalled

Antivirus software may occasionally flag the Overwatch login module as a threat. This obviously prevents some players from accessing the game. When you want to play Overwatch, simply disable or uninstall any security applications you have installed. When you're finished with the game, you can reinstall the application.


As you can see above, the Overwatch login error is nothing to be concerned about and is easily remedied. Simply try any of the solutions listed above, and you should be able to resume playing Overwatch in no time.

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