How To Create A Windows Bootable USB For Password Reset

1 day ago | Selmer Feeney

How To Create A Windows Bootable USB For Password Reset

Windows password is the key to a computer and undoubtedly it protects our computer from unauthorized access. For example, someone who doesn't know or forget a Windows password will be rejected to log into the computer. At that moment the owner of the computer needs to change the password, otherwise, the security of the computer will be at risk. Create bootable USB Windows 7 password reset. In other words, if there is no Windows password, you cannot use the computer. If you are a computer user, you may find that you need to reset your Windows password at some time. The reason you need to reset your Windows password is probably that you have forgotten the password. You want to use your computer again and you need to reset it, or the hacker has got into your computer without knowing the password, so the only thing you can do is reset the password.

Step 1: Choose Appropriate Edition of ISunShare Windows Password Genius

In order to effectively reset Windows passwords, the first thing we should do is choose the appropriate edition of ISunShare Windows Password Genius. There are two editions of this product, one is a trial version, and the other is the full version. The difference between these two versions is mainly in the number of functions available. In addition, the full version also includes some new features. For users who do not know how to use it, here is a tutorial to help them to operate the product smoothly.

2: Reset Windows Password with ISunShare Windows Password Genius In order to make use of the Windows password reset function, you must first download and install the software. After that, you can follow these steps: Configure Parameters 1: Click "Setup" and then select "Password Generator". Choose Edition 2: Select "Full Edition", and click on "Next" to continue. Choose Key Type 3: Select "Master Key", click on "Next" to continue.

6: Choose Encryption 4: Select "True Random Number Generator", click on "Next" to continue. 7: Choose File 5: Click "Browse", and choose the file on your computer, then click on "Open". 8: Enter the password 6: When you have entered the password correctly, you need to press "Start". 9: The software will automatically generate the password. 10: When you get a password, you can click on "Apply" and reset the password. Note: In order to reset the Windows password, you need to confirm the password when you receive it.

Step 2 Install and Run Windows Password Genius

1. Bootable USB Windows password reset. After installing the software, you can run the Windows Password Genius with no difficulty. You just need to run the software and follow the instructions. At this time, the software is running on your computer. 3 Start the Program

2. Click on the icon of the software on your desktop, or double-click the shortcut of the software.

3. Select the edition of Windows Password Genius that you want to use (you can see two editions here) and click "Next".

4. Choose the encryption key that you used before, then click "Next".

5. Choose the language that you prefer, and click "Next".

6. Enter the name that you want to use when resetting the password, and click "Finish". Tips: If you want to change the language of this software, you should click "Change Language" first. 4 Set the Key Type

7. Click on the button of "Key Type" to select the encryption key type you want to use.

Step 3: Plug USB Flash Drive into Accessible Computer and Select it as Burning Device

1. In order to be able to successfully reset a Windows password, you need to plug a USB flash drive into your computer and select it as a burning device. For users who do not know how to do so, here is a tutorial to help you understand how to use it.

2. Connect the USB Flash Drive to Your Computer

3. Click "Start", then select "Run".

4. Type "cmd", and press Enter.

5. In the "Command Prompt", type "diskpart", and then press Enter.

6. Select the USB Flash Drive that you want to burn, then click "OK". 4: Burn the Software to USB Flash Drive

7. Select the burning device on the computer, then click "Burn Image to Disk".

8. Click on the button of "Select File" to choose the file to be burned on the USB Flash Drive.

Step 4: Agree to Format USB Drive and Burn ISunShare Program into it

1. Insert the USB Flash Drive into your computer, then click "Start" and select "Format".

2. When the format is completed, you can click "Finish".

3. Click "Yes" to agree to format the USB Flash Drive.

4. Click on "Burn" to burn the program to the USB Flash Drive. 5: Restart Your Computer with USB Flash Drive and Reset Windows Password

5. After finishing burning the software on the USB Flash Drive, you can restart your computer with it.

6. Plug the USB Flash Drive into the computer when it is restarted.

Step 5: Successfully Create a Bootable USB that Can Reset Windows Password

After successfully resetting the password with this USB Flash Drive, you can restart the computer and use the computer normally. 


With this guide, you can successfully reset your Windows password in a very easy way to create bootable USB windows password reset. All you need to do is to download this software and follow the instructions. The steps above will show you how to reset your Windows password by yourself.


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