How To Delete Udemy Account

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How To Delete Udemy Account

Udemy is an online platform popularly used by instructors to deliver their online courses and classes. This online platform is supporting billions of people in completing their online courses and instructors to teach the most wanted courses online. You can create an Udemy Account free of cost and deliver an online class for free. This application is quite easy to use and provides you with unlimited tools for uploading your online courses.

In this article, you will know how to create and delet an Udemy Account for free.

What is Udemy Account?

Udemy is an online learning platform for delivering and attending video lectures, audio lectures, presentations, and Zip Files without any restrictions. Use this account for free and upload your lectures and courses to your online students. You can find unlimited coursed on this online platform on your preferred topic for free. You can learn a skill in your free time by creating an account on this online learning platform.

How to Create an Udemy Account?

To learn your preferred course on Udemy for free or at a discounted price, you need to create an account on this online learning platform. You can create your Udemy Account for free and attend your lectures on this site. You can create and use this account on your laptop and desktop device for free. You need an internet connection and a web browser for creating an account on the Udmey Platform.

Here are some simple steps to create an Udemy Account on your laptop or desktop computer.

Sign Up to Udemy Account with Email and Password:

  • Connect your laptop or desktop computer to an internet connection and open your web browser for creating an account on Udemy.
  • Go to and open the home page of Udemy. Now click on sign up, and enter the required information here email address and a password of your account. 
  • Select a profile photo for your account and verify your information for getting signed up on Udemy.
  • Click on the “promotional email” to receive an email from Udmey and confirm your sign-up process. 
  • When you put all the information, verify this information again and click on “sign up” to create an Udemy Account.

How to Log In to Your Udmey Account?

  • To buy or receive your online courses on Udemy, you need to log in to your Udemy Account and attend your online classes.
  • Go to the web browser on your laptop and open the homepage of Udmey. Select the login option and enter your email address and password to log in to Udemy Account.

How to Login to Udmey with Facebook and Gmail Account?

You can also use your Facebook or Google Account to create an Udemy account. In this situation, you do need a password to create and log in to an Udemy Account. You just have to put your Gmail address or Facebook Id in Udemy for creating an account with these accounts.

  • If you have created your Udemy Account by using your Facebook or Gmail Account, you can use these accounts for logging in to your Udmey Account.
  • Go to the Homepage of Udmey and select the option “Login”. Continue with Facebook or Gmail account and log in to Udemy account for buying an online Udemy Course.

How to Log out from Your Udemy Account?

You cannot log in to your Udmey account from two devices at a time. You need to log out from your laptop if you want to log in to your Udemy Account from a public device. 

  • Go to Udemy Homepage and click on initials to select the logout option from your profile. 
  • Select the logout option to get the log out from your Udemy account and sign in from another device.

Delete Your Udemy Account:

Do you want to be no more on Udmey and Want to close your Udmey account? It is quite easy and quick to delete an Udmey account if you do not need more this account. For this purpose, you need to sign in to your account again and select the account deletion option.

  • Sign in to your Udemy Account from your laptop and go to your profile.
  • After going to your main profile, search the close account option in the down menu.
  • Choose the “Close Account” option by moving the cursor and entering your password to delete your Udemy Account forever.


Udemy is an online learning platform to buy and deliver the online course to learn a skill. You can upload all types of learning content here; video, PowerPoint presentation, and Zip files. You can create an Udmey account for free and also sign up with your Google or Gmail account. You can buy an online course and attend your class by signing in to your Udemy account. You can also delete your Udemy Account if you do not need this account in the future with no issue.

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