How To Join The Breakout Room In Zoom?

1 week ago | Patience Kub

How To Join The Breakout Room In Zoom?

While having a meeting in zoom. Sometimes a situation occurs when the participants are divided into breakout rooms. Breakout rooms are generally smaller gatherings or groups from the main meeting at zoom. These rooms include few participants who would either discuss some topic or are given an activity to perform. They are all separate rooms and have their separate audio and video. The host or co-host of the meeting is the one who divides the participants into breakout rooms.

Breakout rooms are widely used in zoom meetings. It is one of the most popular features. There are two ways of joining the breakout room. Either the host will assign the breakout room, or the participant can self-select the breakout room. Around 50 breakout rooms could be created in zoom.

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Breakout rooms can be created when the meeting is ongoing. Following is the procedure of joining a breakout room:

  • Firstly, the host will send an invite to join the breakout room.
  • The participant can join it by accepting the invite and clicking on join.
  • The participant can also join later by clicking the later option.
  • When the participant chooses later, they can click on the breakout rooms option in-meeting controls.
  • Simply click on join breakout room

Apart from getting breakout rooms assigned. The participant can also self-select a breakout room as well.

By opting for the following steps:

  • The host of the meeting should allow the participants to self-select the breakout room.
  • Click on the breakout room option in the meeting controls. All the available breakout rooms will get visible.
  • You can select your breakout room by clicking on join next to the breakout room you wish to join in as a participant.
  • When you wish to leave the breakout room, simply click on the leave option and get back to the main session.

While in a breakout room, there is the option of " Ask for help," too. If you click on that option, it will notify the host that you need his help. And the host will be asked to join the breakout room.

The option of recording is also there, but the permission of the host is needed for it. Once the host allows the participant to record the meeting, it can be recorded.

During the pandemic, the zoom has needed the hour. All the institutions and companies we're dependent on this application for carrying out their meetings and discussions. The application has very good features and facilitates the smooth functioning of the meeting.

 The host can do the following activity while creating breakout rooms.

  • Shift the participant: it is one of the simplest things to do. Simply select the name of the participant and assign them to another room.
  • Delete: The existing breakout room can also be deleted. There is a different option available for deleting the breakout room. The participants will be automatically lined up for another breakout room.
  • Recreating the breakout rooms: The breakout room could be recreated as well. They can be recreated manually as well. The recreation is the process starting all over again from the beginning.

In a breakout room, all the features of a normal zoom meeting are available. Such as-

  • Screen sharing: The participants have the option of sharing the screen. They can discuss important matters with the help of sharing the screen with all other participants. With this feature, anything that appears on the screen of your desktop or mobile devices can be shared with other participants in the same breakout room.
  • Chat in meeting: The participants, like in Zoom meeting, can also chat with another with the help of the chat option that is in the breakout room. They can also put in the reference link in the chatbox or their contact details to be easily accessible by all.

Zoom rooms appliance is another option from where breakout rooms could be added. The participants could be added as breakout room participants in the zoom room appliance. These participants can easily join the room as well as also leave as per their requirement. Hence, it is a valuable contributor when it comes to conducting meetings.

Another interesting feature of zoom breakout rooms is that one message can be circulated to all the rooms. The host or the co-host can have access to this feature. Simply by following the below steps:

  • Click on the breakout rooms option.
  • Then click on the broadcast the message to all,
  • Finally, type your message and click on the broadcast.

The breakout rooms were a necessity for the people incorporates and educational institutions because no valuable discussions could be held with a meeting of a large number of participants. So, the breakout rooms keep it short and sweet.


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