How To Log In And Use Cisco Webex Meetings

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How To Log In And Use Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings is a video conferencing, meeting, and collaboration solution from Cisco.

We now have Cisco Webex Meetings scheduled through June 15th. If anything changes, this page will be updated.

After you've installed Cisco Webex Meetings, follow the instructions below to sign in.


1. After you've launched the Webex Meetings application, you'll be presented with the login screen below.

Please enter your e-mail address from the university. [email protected], for example, and then click Next.

2. You will be taken to the University's sign-in page; please enter your [email protected] and password to log in.

You will then be asked if you want to stay signed; this is entirely up to you.

3. Once you've successfully signed in, you may start utilizing Webex Meetings.

You'll see your logged-in account and the option to start a new meeting in your calendar. Start a meeting in your personal meeting room, book a future Webex meeting in your integrated office 365 calendar, join an existing meeting, or browse forthcoming meetings in your integrated office 365 calendar.

There are two ways to build and host your own Webex meetings room. Either use the Webex Meetings App to create the meeting room, or use a Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 Calendar appointment to automatically create the meeting by simply specifying ‘@webex' as the address for the appointment.

You will be presented with your personal meeting space as well as the ability to start a meeting by selecting ‘Start a Meeting.' Directly invite participants using the ‘Participants' tab, ‘Invite and Remind,' and then manually entering the invitees' email addresses, who will subsequently receive the required joining instructions via the stated email address.

The Webex Meeting room and joining instructions can also be generated and distributed using Outlook or Office 365 webmail.

By inserting ‘@webex' into the location section of a calendar appointment when creating a new one, all invitees will receive the joining instructions instantly shortly after the appointment is made.

I'm also the host of the Webex Meetings room. By clicking on the three-dot button, you will be able to alter your audio, video, and other device settings, as well as other meeting actions, directly from your meeting space as a participant.

Another option for logging in is to:

 What is the procedure for logging into the Cisco Webex Meetings mobile app?

How can I use the Cisco Webex Meetings mobile app to check in to my host account?

How can I log in to my Webex Meetings mobile app using my Single Sign-On (SSO) account?

On a mobile device, how can I sign in using the 'Sign in using your corporate website' feature?

How can I use the Webex Meetings mobile app to log in?

Support for Touch ID on non-SSO Sites

Users on mobile devices can enable Touch ID and then use their fingerprints to sign in to the same site quickly and securely. This feature is presently only available on non-SSO sites.

You'll need a Webex host account to sign in to the Webex Meetings app on your mobile device. You do not need to check-in if you are merely attending meetings.

To access a non-SSO account, follow these steps:

Sign in with your username and password.

Tap Next after entering the email address linked with your host account.

Choose one of the following options:

Select one of the Webex Sites provided on the Select Site screen.

Or Enter your Webex site's URL by tapping Enter Site URL and typing:

Tap Next after entering your host account password.

You will be logged in and given the option to Start or Join meetings if your password is accepted.

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To use the Cisco Webex Meetings app to log in to an SSO account, follow these steps:

Open the Cisco Webex Gatherings application.

Sign in by tapping the Sign-in button.

Tap NEXT after entering the email address linked with your host account.

One of the following should be done:

Select one of the Webex Sites provided on the Select Site screen.

Or Enter your Webex site's URL by tapping Enter Site URL and typing:

The Single Sign-On page for your company displays.

You will now be signed in and able to start meetings if your password was accepted.

Using your personal account to join a Webex meeting

A meeting can be joined in a variety of ways. The two most frequent approaches are listed below.

Attend a Meeting After Receiving an Email Invitation:

Open the meeting invitation in your email application.

To join the meeting, click the Meeting URL link.

Sign in with your profile details if requested.

In Modern View, join a meeting from your Cisco Webex Site:

Go here to access your Cisco WebEx account.

On the upper right-hand side of your screen in Modern View, you'll see a "Join a Meeting" tile. You can put the meeting number or the host's Personal Room ID in the text field if you know it.

Meetings that you've been invited to or that you're holding will be mentioned on the left-hand side of the website under "Meetings." To join the meeting, click the green arrow button. You can join the meeting in one of two ways, as shown by the green arrow pointing down:

Always go with the best option (recommended) – Allows the website to pick between a desktop app and a web app for joining the meeting. Users of Windows and Mac are the only ones who can use them.

Always start/join from the desktop app — If you don't already have the desktop app installed, one will be downloaded automatically.

Always start/join from web app — Uses the browser to join the meeting.

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