How To Make An Appointment Using Your Booksy Account

1 week ago | Tod O'Conner

How To Make An Appointment Using Your Booksy Account

Booksy is an awesome appointment scheduling app, helps you easily book an online appointment in hair salons, nail salons, barbers, and other appointment-based businesses. With the Booksy Biz app, businesses will be offered all the tools they need to manage their daily schedule, engage with customers, and grow their business quickly.

In this post, we will give you full tips to create your Booksy account with ease. So, if you care about installing Booksy and book local beauty appointments online 24/7, don't leave your eyes

Steps to make an appointment using Booksy

If you're using an iOS or Android smartphone device and want to book an appointment on it, we advise you to use the Booksy app for the best experience. Whenever the barber is ready for you, you'll get reminders of your Booksy appointment and notifications right. 

To allow your clients to book an appointment now, click here to create your business Booksy account.

Scheduling an individual appointment, you can scroll down the page until you detect the Services section. There will be many options for a hairstyle you can explore at Booksy and choose the right one. If you like something more complex, please move your mouse to select "Expertise".

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Continuously, please find the desired hair service to click on the "Book" as an image.

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Now, the popup will appear and show available dates and times for all barbers in this salon. If you have a preferred barber, scroll down till you see their name and click onto his name to see dates only for their appointments.

In case you don't have any desired barber, skip out this set to "Any Staff Member". This time, the calendar will be refreshed to show all the selected barbers. If your ideal time is not available, check a different day. Click on "Confirm" at the bottom when you've made a selection.

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In case you're not logged in, you will have to log in or create an account with Booksy right now. If you sign up for Booksy by email, try to remember your password to avoid login issues.

After you are logged in, you can see your final choice of appointment to confirm. Tap "Confirm" to confirm your appointment.

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How much does it cost to use Booksy?

How much do you have to pay to use Booksy? Don't worry, for individual use for booking your appointments it is free of charge, If you are a business though, you will be provided some days with a free trial to experience the app and how it works. After the trial period, you can start to pay for using it. The original cost is $29.99 per month, plus $10 per month for each additional staff member. In this price, you also have courses that are preparing you to use Booksy app more efficiently.

How to pay on Booksy?

Your information about payment is always completely secure. Simply, enabling these payment features is simple, you just must add a credit or debit card to start. It is no different from any other e-commerce.

How to make an appointment on Booksy?

You can follow these steps to schedule an appointment in Booksy app with the simple: 

Decide on the type of your service.

Search for the place that provide this kind of service.

Choose your perfect time and staff member to take care of you

Book an appointment and confirm it in the app

If anything happens, cancel or reschedule your appointment


Above are all the tips for you to make an appointment on your Booksy account easily on all your devices. Hope this article will be useful for you to start schedule your appointment on Booksy right now.


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