How To Report Login Issues On Facebook

4 days ago | Katrina Zieme

How To Report Login Issues On Facebook

The world is getting more and more digitalized. Almost every one of us has a social media handle. A lot of us also have multiple accounts. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are some common social media platforms. Out of all these platforms, Facebook is one of the oldest and the most common platform. A lot of people, including the older generations, have an account here. But a lot of us have faced discrepancies while logging in to our accounts. You may have issues while accessing the account or might believe someone has hacked your account. You might also have seen unusual activities on your account, or someone has made purchases through your id. These are some common problems faced by lots of users.

Sometimes you may forget your password or get confused and type the incorrect password lots of time or don't know how to login Facebook safely, due to which Facebook may temporarily block your access from your account. All these issues can be quickly sorted once you report a complaint to the Facebook department. Here we provide you with a complete guide on how to report login issues on Facebook.

To report an issue, Facebook provides you with a form to fill. This form has various fields that have to be described by the user. It is always advisable to describe your problem as clearly and precisely as possible. You might elaborate on it but add all the points of issues you are facing.

What were you doing when the problem occurred

Here the users have to describe the situation while the log-in issue occurred briefly. Maybe the issue occurred while you were logging in for the first time after a long time or recently updated your password. There may be many situations where the users are abruptly kicked out of their account while navigating it. There may be lots of situations, and this section asks you to describe exactly what functions you were doing when this error happened. There may be some mistakes from the user's side.

What you expected to happen

In this section, you have to provide what behavior you expected Facebook to perform. This could be if you expected to get logged in or access a new account or purchase an item. This is how ideally the process should have run if there was no error. 

What happened

This is to describe the problem. Here, you have to describe what problem you are facing precisely. Is the system showing that the password is incorrect or the account is blocked? There may be cases where Facebook may have deactivated your account due to malpractices. So, check what the problem exactly is and attach a screenshot if necessary. There is an option to upload an image or a screenshot of the problem. This is an optional field.

After writing all the above data, send it to the Facebook team, and they will rectify the problem shortly. It is always better to describe all the fields correctly so that the support team can address your grievances as quickly as possible.

There are many ways in which you can directly get your account back. In case you have forgotten your password then, there is an option to go to “forget password”. After going to that option, Facebook will check for any backup email ids or phone numbers that you have given. If found, it will recheck from the user and ask which email account or phone number is presently accessible by him. Then, the user will get a password reset link or a unique OTP in that account through which the password can be easily reset, and you can access your account through this new password.     

Facebook has a section of “Manage your account”. Here various common issues are stated, and the steps to avoid those issues are also mentioned. For example, you may be trying to recover an account. Facebook usually advises using a device through which once the account has been logged in. After that, search for your account, then follow the steps mentioned on the screen.

There is another way to recover your account. This is done by using a trusted friend’s or family member’s account. Click on … below the cover photo of the account through which you wish to access your account. Select “Find support or report profile", and from the submenu, select "Something else”. Then you have to click on “Recover this account", and eventually, your account will be recovered.

There may be various cases where Facebook specifically disables an account. If your account has been disabled, then you will see a message while logging in. however, you can try to log in again if such a message does not pop up. Accounts are deactivated if Facebook suspects any malpractice from that account. You can request a complaint if your account has been deactivated by mistake.


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