How To Set Up Two-Step Login In Wise

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How To Set Up Two-Step Login In Wise

It's critical that you safeguard your Wise account (formerly TransferWise). This is how you can accomplish it with Two-Factor Authentication.

Wise (previously TransferWise) is a popular, low-cost, and quick way to send money to loved ones, family, friends, coworkers, and business partners in other countries.

Wise is used by millions of individuals all around the world to receive amazing exchange rates. There's a good chance you've utilized their services or have a Wise account.

However, do you know how to keep your Wise account safe? Enabling a two-step login is one way to do so. This manner, before allowing any login, Wise will ask for a code in addition to your password.

Here's how to set up two-factor authentication in Wise.

What Is Wise's Two-Step Login?

Wise's version of two-step verification, often known as two-factor authentication, is a two-step login (2FA). When someone tries to log in to your account, Wise will give you a code through SMS or send you a notice on your mobile app.

Someone is attempting to enter your account, according to the notification. It will also display the individual's current location, browser, and operating system.

To confirm, touch Yes, it's me, or No, it's not me, if you want to refuse.

The advantages of a two-step login

Even if your password is discovered, if you've enabled 2-step login, no one will be able to access your account.

Because you'll receive a code or notice, you'll also be able to check whether someone else has attempted to log in.

Two-factor authentication comes in a variety of forms

A code sent through SMS or phone call, or a notice on the Wise app, are the two kinds of 2-step login.

If you pick the first option, when you try to log in to Wise, we'll send you a code through SMS or phone call. Before you can access your account, you'll need to input this.

If you opt to utilize the app, when you try to log in, we'll give you a push notification. All you have to do now is authorize on your smartphone.

For 2-step login, it's recommended to utilize the app. That's because it just requires the internet to function, and it will continue to function even if your SIM card is changed or you travel overseas. It's also more convenient than sending SMS because you don't have to type anything.

How to Set Up Wise's Two-Step Login

The first step in setting up a two-step login in Wise is to create a Wise account. On your smartphone, you'll also need to download the Wise app.

Two-step login is available in Wise in two ways: via the app and by SMS/phone call. Your two-step login settings may also be changed via the web and the mobile app. All of these possibilities will be discussed.

How to Set Up Two-Step Login Via SMS or Phone Call (Web)

Wise now uses two-factor authentication by default, exactly like Google. This implies that two-step authentication through SMS or phone call is already enabled on your new account. Here's how to see if your two-step login is active on your desktop computer.

Log in to Wise with your username and password Click on your profile name in the top-right corner. From the dropdown menu, choose Settings.

Scroll down to 2-step login on the Settings page. The status of your 2SL will be "On (SMS or voice call)." This is the default configuration.

Open the Wise app and log in to your account to check on the app. Tap Continue after entering the 6-digit code provided to your phone. On the following page, which reads "We made it easier to log in," tap No thanks, then utilize SMS. This will keep your two-factor authentication method of SMS or phone call.

How to Set Up Two-Step Login Using an App

If you previously selected "No thanks, use SMS," but now prefer to utilize the app, do so. Log in to your account using the Wise mobile app.

Tap Continue after entering the 6-digit code given to your registered phone number. To enable two-step login via the app, simply press Got it on the "We made it easier to login" prompt.

Alternatively, hit Account at the bottom of your screen once you're in the app. Select Settings from the three dots in the top-right corner of your screen. After that, select 2-step authentication.

Upgrade now on the 2-step login screen.

That's all; two-factor authentication through app notifications is now enabled.

You'll be able to log in more safely and securely with approval requests delivered to the app after you update to app notifications.

Wise will send a notice to your phone app the next time you or someone else attempts to log in. It's as simple as approving or denying access.

If you don't get alerts through the app, Wise will instead give you a 6-digit number through SMS.

It's Smart to Protect Your Wise Account

Apps that use your financial information should be used with caution. Strong password combinations, a password manager, app-based two-step login preferable, or SMS-based two-step login at the very least, are all recommended for your Wise account.

You should also set up a backup phone number in case your primary phone number is unavailable. This way, you'll be notified if someone else attempts to log into your account.


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