How To Signup To Netflix Without A Credit Card

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How To Signup To Netflix Without A Credit Card

Do you want to stream your favorite movies and serials on Netflix by creating an account? Do you not have a credit card and want to create an account on Netflix? You can create an account on Netflix to stream online movies, TV shows, and serial without a credit. Netflix is the best movie streaming site that lets users watch their favorite movies and TV shows online. In this article, you will know how to Signup to Netflix without a Credit Card? The article will explore the Best Way to Sign Up for Netflix and watch your favorite video content online.

What is Netflix?

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Netflix is an online movie streaming site that lets users create an account and watch their favorite movies or TV shows online. You can buy a plan to watch your favorite movies by paying the plan cost for it. In your Netflix price plan, you can watch your favorite TV shows, serials, or movies online for free once you pay the cost. Millions of users have subscribed to this online streaming site to stream online movies. These users are satisfied with HD range movies and TV shows on Netflix and accessing the significant content online. You can Sign Up To Netflix for Free and access your wanted movies or TV shows by purchasing a price plan. The users can watch international documentaries, movies, TV shows, and Serials in High HD quality on Netflix by creating an account.

How to Sign Up to Netflix for Free?

Do you not have a credit card and want to create an account on Netflix? If you do not have a credit card and are Unable to Sign Up For Netflix, you can use some other options to sign up for Netflix. Netflix is a paying site that lets users Sign up To Netflix for Free, But they need to buy a price plan to stream their favorite video content on Netflix. You can try a free 30 days trial to; buy a price plan after satisfying with the site. Many users report the issue “I cannot sign up to Netflix” due to not having the credit card for paying the price plan. You can use the other payment method; for paying the price of your Plan and enjoy the free video streaming online.

Go to the Netflix site and use the signup option to Sign up To Netflix for Free and create an account. You need to use your personal information for registration on the Netflix site. You have to enter the following details on the registration form and get registered.

  • Country
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Account details

All this information is necessary and mandatory to create an account on the Netflix streaming site for free. You need to provide your account details for paying the price when buying a plan. You will get a confirmation email to verify your account. After creating the account on Netflix, you can use the Netflix application on your android device or laptop to stream your favorite content online.

How to Sign Up to Netflix without a Credit Card?

If you do not have credit to pay for your Netflix account, you can use other payment methods for paying. The application allows the users to pay their bills by using the following payment method:

PayPal Account:

If you do not have a credit card, sign up for a Netflix account by using your PayPal account for payment. You will find the option in payment methods to pay through PayPal if you do not have a credit card. Pay your bills using your PayPal account online without using a credit card and enjoy the online streaming on Netflix.

Debit Card:

Do you have a debit card and want to sign up for Netflix using this card? You can use your old debit card on Netflix account for payment method and get registered. Netflix will verify your debit card by using the OTP of your card and completing the registration process.

Netflix Gift Cards:

Another method to Sign up for Netflix without Credit Card is the use of Netflix Gift cards. Like some other official sites, Netflix also has gift cards for users to enjoy live streaming. Online shopping websites are offering Netflix gift cards; for Netflix users by paying through PayPal or Debit cards. You can buy these gifts cards from Amazon or eBay to sign up to Netflix using them.

Share Netflix Account of others:

The best option to sign up to the Netflix account without a credit card is to link your Netflix account with your friend’s Netflix account to pay bills. Netflix allows users to share and link the account with others for paying the bill and enjoy online video streaming.


Netflix is the best online streaming site that lets users sign up for free and buy a plan after the free trial of 30 days. You can Sign Up to Netflix without Credit Card by using a PayPal, Debit card, or Netflix gift cards to pay bills.


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