Login With Google Account Using PHP - How To Login

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Login With Google Account Using PHP - How To Login

The Google OAuth API makes it simple and powerful to connect a website's login mechanism. The Google Login API allows users to log in to a website using their Google account without having to create an account on that site. The Google login framework will without a doubt help with the development of your website's supporter base. Since essentially all individuals these days have a Google account, they can check in to your site utilizing their Google account without having to enroll.

Using Google OAuth 2.0 and PHP, web developers may quickly construct a login and registration system in their online application. We'll instruct you on how to coordinate a client login framework with Google in this article. Utilizing the Google API PHP library for confirmation. Here could be a step-by-step approach to using PHP to actualize Google account login and putting away client data in a MySQL database. The API PHP Client Library is utilized in our illustration Google login script to coordinate Google Login with PHP within the web application.

I'll show you how to integrate Google login into your PHP website in this tutorial. We'll use the Google OAuth API to add a Google login to your site, which is a simple and powerful approach to do it.

As a web user, you've definitely encountered the frustration of managing many accounts for various websites—specifically, when you have multiple passwords for various services and a website requests that you create yet another account on their site.

To address this, you may implement a single sign-on option that allows visitors to log in using their existing credentials. Many websites now allow visitors to log in using their social media accounts. their existing Google, Facebook, or other popular service accounts This is a quick and easy way for new users to sign up for a third-party site without having to create a new account with a new username and password.

We'll use the Google OAuth login API in this post, which allows users to log in using their Google identities. Users should still be able to register through your site's standard registration form, but offering a Google login or something similar will help you maintain a good user retention rate.

How Does Google Sign In Work?

Let's take a short look at the process's top-level data flow. The user, the third-party website, and Google are the major three entities engaged in the login process, as shown in the diagram below.

Data flow for Google Login

Let's take a look at how Google login works on your website as a whole.

Users can pick between two alternatives for logging in on your site's login page. If they already have an account with your site, the first step is to submit a username and password. The other option is for them to use their current Google account to check in to your site.

When they click the Login With Google button, the Google login flow begins and users are directed to the Google site to log in. They enter their Google credentials and are then led to the consent page.

Users will be requested for permission to share their Google account information on the consent page. with the website of a third-party The third-party site in this example is one where they want to log in with their Google account. They will be given two options: they can either grant or decline the request.

They'll be sent back to the third-party site where they started the Google login flow once they've given their information to the third-party site.

The user is logged in to Google at this point, and the third-party site gets access to the user's profile information, which can be used to create an account and login. So that's how you go about integrating Google login on your website. The diagram below provides a short overview of the steps we just went over.

Flow of the Google Login Process

In the rest of this essay, we'll show you how to create this login flow in PHP with a functional example.

Install the Google PHP SDK Client Library on your computer.

We'll look at how to set up the Google PHP API client library in this part. You have two options for how you want to set it up:

Make use of Composer.

Manually download and install the library files.

The Composer's Method

If you prefer to use Composer to install it, simply type the following command.

need google/apiclient:"2.0" $composer

That's all there is to it!

Download the Publication

You may also obtain the latest stable release from the official API website if you don't want to utilize Composer.

In my case, I just used Composer.

You should have configured your Google application and installed the Google PHP API client library by now if you've been following along. We'll explore how to use this library on your PHP site in the following and last sections.

Scripts for Filling Out Forms in PHP

We spoke about how to integrate Google login with your PHP website today. If consumers don't want to register a new account for your service, they can sign in with their current Google accounts.

If you're seeking for PHP scripts that you can use right now, I recommend reading the following pages, which outline some good scripts that are inexpensive.


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