Most Common Login Problems And Solutions

6 days ago | Molly Weber

Most Common Login Problems And Solutions

Here we are talking about the most common login problem and solution. Logging into sites or app is a part of the daily routine for most people. Sometimes something goes wrong that we forget our password, our user name, and the email address by which we signed up, or even we also forget that ever we signed up at all as you know that, that the Login is a big deal. Big enough the most sites and apps have started exploring designs solution for the problem. For this purpose, the most common login problem and solution are given below:

I Can’t Login Because the System Says I Have an Invalid Email or Password:

If you have an issue logging in and are not confident that you have the right details, it is the best idea to reset your password. In case you are convinced that you have the correct email and password and are still facing problems in logging in, this article is for you.

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Using Incorrect User Name and Password:

It is a prevalent issue that most users forget their user name and or their password. The solution to this problem is to reset the password from the login page by entering your username or email address. After resetting, your logging issue will be solved, and you can log in quickly without facing any problem in Login.  

Attempting to Login with The Email Instead of User Name:

Sometimes, our users use the password reset feature by entering their email address, then the user attempt to reset their password and attempt to login with their email address. It’s important to note that although you can reset your password with your email address may also be the user name, that may not always be the case. When you created the account, you may have chosen a different username. 

If you want to resolve this issue, please take careful note of the message sent to you when you requested a password reset. The email includes the username you should be used to Login. So remember to read the email carefully to make sure that you are using the correct username just because you can reset your password with an email address, which does not mean that you can log in with your email address.                     

Check If You are Using the Older Password:

While ensuring better security, our system requires you to change your password every three months. When you reset the password, you are not allowed to use any last four passwords so, that it is also that you are using the older password and that you are facing problems in logging in.

In case, you are writing a password manually, but you are still unable to log in, then try to remember that if you have to make a new password because your system asked you to reset your password in the past. If the entire password you try is not working so, the simple idea is to reset the password to Login easily.     

Attempting to Use a Link to a Page You Don’t Have Access to:

Sometimes, our users have a link saved in their favorites or the connection they use from an email that directs them to the page they don’t have access to. When this happens, they are redirected to the login page as the system has detected that they do not have the appropriate access to the page. Then, the users enter their name that they use as a user name and the password and then attempt to redirect them back to the page they don’t have access to. It becomes a loop, and the users keep getting redirected back to the login page even they have entered the login details. 

To solve this issue, make sure that you are using the direct link to the login page, not a link to a page within the system. Make sure that you are using a valid relation to the page. Note that you are using the correct for your coaching platform.    

Special Character in your Password: 

Sometimes on the mobile apps, there are some special characters in your passwords that may cause issues. For example, one point when logging in to the mobile app is using the colon in your passwords. To resolve this problem, first, you have to change the password to exclude any unusual characters and then attempt the Login again from the mobile app. If you want to change the password, then you can change the password from the settings item in the top right-hand menu on the web application. If you found an issue logging into the web app, use the reset password functionally from the web app login page.     

These are the problem and solutions that you can face during the login. These are the most common that everyone has to face if logging in and out is their daily routine.   


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