New World Login Error: How To Fix ‘Too Many Requests Exception’

6 days ago | Winfield Schmidt

New World Login Error: How To Fix ‘Too Many Requests Exception’

The introduction of Amazon Game Studios' New World was so successful that customers had to wait in line for hours to play. While frustrating, this is a common occurrence when a new MMORPG is released. However, getting an error message that sends them to the back of the queue is where most users draw the line. This is precisely what the "Too Many Requests" error notification in New World does, much to the chagrin of PC gamers. Is there, however, a quick and simple solution to the "@mm login services TooManyRequestsException" connectivity issue? Here's the most recent update on a solution.

Here's how to fix the PC error notice New World Too Many Requests:

When queuing, you get the @mm login services TooManyRequestsException problem.

On the New World Too Many Requests error pop-up, click "OK."


After a few minutes or less, the player should return to their previous position in the queue.

After recognizing the on-screen notification, gamers who interact with the game in any way will be pushed to the back of the line. Instead, users should hit nothing; after a short wait, gamers should be able to resume their previous position in the New World server queue. Of course, there will be a wait before entering gameplay, but it will be much quicker if you join the rear of the line.

Regrettably, the game makes no attempt to express this. In an ideal world, Amazon would eliminate the New World Too Many Requests Exception issue entirely, or at the very least provide some kind of in-game signposting informing players to wait. Even so, anyone reading this tutorial will know what to do the next time the problem arises if they remember the following procedures.

Another option:

Thousands of players have attempted to join the action of Amazon's New World, but server troubles have hampered their chances of getting in.

There have been numerous tales of queue-related horror stories from angry gamers, ranging from hundreds of thousands of people trapped in line to those who wait hours only to be kicked out over time.

TooManyRequestsException appears to be one of the most prevalent issues that have appeared in the last 24 hours. This error can arrive at any time and appears to remove you from the queue. While there isn't a permanent remedy yet, there is a technique to get around this mistake and stay in the queue if it occurs.

How to Correct a Login Error TooManyRequestsException

Don't panic if this error notice appears while you're waiting in line initially hold up after squeezing the "alright" or "X" buttons on the message popup.

Players who have done so will see that they will rejoin the queue at their previous place after a few minutes. You'll be kicked out of the queue if you press play again or alter your character too quickly. You'll be at the back of the queue when you rejoin.

While the New World team has advised players to do so in order to resolve the issues, some players have discovered that if you're in position 50 in the queue, this error may cause you to lose your spot entirely and you'll have to queue up again.

While it's not a perfect solution, it should help a lot of people who have been panicking out and rejoining the queue at the end after seeing this error.

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