Reset Your PlayStation Password [Simple Guide]

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Reset Your PlayStation Password [Simple Guide]

Like your smartphone or computer as well as your laptop and phone and your PS4 has an individual username and password. If you need to change or reset the PlayStation Network (PSN) password It's easy to do it via an internet browser or inside your console. To increase security it's a great option to utilise two-factor authentication. This reduces the chance that someone could access your account information on account information on your PSN account without your permission. This tutorial will teach you how to perform your PlayStation Password reset.

How can you Reset your PlayStation Passwords on a PS4

Can't remember playstation network password? If your password for your account was lost, you will not be able to change it by using the normal procedure, as you won't be able to enter your password prior to entering the fresh username. Instead, you'll need to choose another procedure to reset the password.

  1. Using your PS4 controller, select Settings.
  2.  Select Account Management.
  3. If you're already signed in, select Sign Out.
  4. Select Sign In
  5. If you can see the sign-in screen, simply click the Triangle button on the control.
  6. If you must sign-in, enter your sign-in id. Then select the next option.
  7. You will receive an email from the email address that you entered. Follow the hyperlink in your email.
  8. Follow the instructions on the reset password page on the website to verify your identity, then enter the new password.

Only a person that is able to accomplish it is the account manager in the family who can reset the password of the account of the child. The family manager should access the Account Management page by using an internet browser , and then reset the account's password by going back to the Family Management page.

How Can I Reset My PlayStation Password Using the Internet Browser

When you've misplaced your password, you've lost your PSN password, you can reset it with an internet browser that is installed on the personal device you are using.

  1. Visit the Sony's Account Management page with your browser.
  2.  Instead of login, click the link"Trouble not logging in?
  3.  Enter your password and then click reset.
  4. Input the email address you used to sign in using an ID.
  5. In just a few minutes, you'll receive your mail. In the email email, change the password and follow the steps to create an entirely new password.

How to Change Your PlayStation Email Address

You can reset your playstation password via email. In the event that you'd prefer to change to another mail address to connect your PlayStation account, or change it to a different email address, it's possible to do it also.

Since your email will be used as a login ID, it's an ideal option to change the email address for your PlayStation Network email address to one that's more memorable , so that it is easier to sign into the system. It is also possible to create an individual PlayStation email address to provide additional protection in case your other accounts are compromised.

To complete it You must follow these steps in order to reset the password you have used. The process involves logging into the Sony Account Management page and selecting Security.

In lieu of changing your password, change your email account in the same place. It's just next to the password box and you'll easily find it!

How to Add Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to Your PlayStation Account

If you'd like to enhance your security, you can include 2FA security to the login. This way even if a person has the password, they won't be able access the account unless they have access to another account to which the 2FA code was sent to.

The great thing lies in the fact that making a two-factor authentication component of the account can be as easy as changing your email address or password. Go to the Sony Account Management page, then click Security on your left.

Then you will see at the bottom of the page, click Security near the 2-step verification select Edit.

Enabling 2FA on PlayStation

You can now select the 2FA method that you prefer, and you will either send an SMS message or an administrator to receive the codes.

If you opt for the latter option, Sony will prompt you to download "an authenticator app" but it won't suggest any apps for you to download. Therefore, even if you don't own one , you may install Google Authenticator or one of its numerous other options.


If you're worried about security and safety, which is the security of your PlayStation Network account, or you're being blocked from the account, Sony allows you to manage and customise how secure your account is. You now are aware of the steps to access your account, and also the best ways to secure your account from future cyber-attacks.

What do you believe you think you could make use of your VPN to connect your PlayStation as well? So, you'll be able to shield your connection from the scrutiny of. You should also search for How to reset your psn password without email and  How to reset your playstation password remotely.


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