Simple Tips For Laravel Login Authentication

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Simple Tips For Laravel Login Authentication

Laravel provides a quick and convenient way to authenticate with OAuth providers using Laravel Socialite, in addition to traditional form-based authentication. Authentication with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket is presently supported by Socialite.

  1. Installation

To get started with Socialite, add the package to your project’s dependencies using the Composer package manager

  1. Upgrading Socialite

It's critical to read the upgrade instructions thoroughly before upgrading to a new major version of Socialite.

  1. Configuration

You'll need to provide credentials for the OAuth providers your app uses before you can use Socialite. The key facebook, twitter, linkedin, google, github, gitlab, or bitbucket should be used in your application's config/services.php configuration file, depending on the providers your application requires.

If the redirect option includes a relative path, it will be resolved to a fully qualified URL automatically.

  1. Authentication

You'll need two routes to authenticate users with an OAuth provider: one to redirect the user to the OAuth provider, and another to receive the callback from the provider after authentication.

The Socialite facade's redirect method handles forwarding the user to the OAuth provider, while the user method reads the incoming request and retrieves the user's information from the provider once they've been authorised.

  1. Optional Parameter

Optional parameters in the redirect request are supported by a number of OAuth providers. Call the with method using an associative array to include any optional parameters in the request.

If you're using the with method, make sure you don't give any reserved keywords like state or response type.

  1. Access Scopes

You can use the scopes method to add additional "scopes" to the authentication request before forwarding the user. All existing scopes will be merged with the scopes you supply using this method.

The setScopes method can be used to overwrite all existing scopes on an authentication request.

  1. Retrieving User Details

After the user is sent back to your authentication callback route, you may use Socialite's user method to access the user's information. The user object produced by the user method has a number of properties and methods that you can use to store user information in your own database. Depending on whether the OAuth provider you're using supports OAuth 1.0 or OAuth 2.0, different characteristics and methods may be available.

Retrieving User Details From A Token (OAuth2)

You can retrieve a user's details using Socialite's userFromToken function if you already have a valid access token for them.

Retrieving User Details From A Token And Secret (OAuth1)

You can access a user's details using Socialite's userFromTokenAndSecret function if you already have a valid token and secret for them.

Stateless Authentication

To deactivate session state verification, use the stateless technique. When adding social authentication to an API, this is useful:

Database Migration

Two files, env and config/database.php, handle database settings in a Laravel-powered app. Loginuser was the name of the database I established. The Cloudways Database Manager simplifies the procedure.

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP framework for creating expressive and attractive online applications. Laravel offers a high level of abstraction, shielding the average developer from the inner workings of the framework. Because it comes with so many functionalities out of the box, Laravel saves you time and effort. The following are some of the outstanding characteristics: Eloquent ORM Authorization and Policies Database Migrations

  • Scheduler \sQueuing

To create tables in the database, type the following command in the terminal:

Using Master Credentials, log in to SSH terminal and use the command to navigate to the application folder.

$ cd applications/applications/applications/applications/applications/application

ls pjbeasusxr trxbnbphae applications $ ls pjbeasusxr trxbnbphae applications

cd trxbnbphae/ trxbnbphae/ trxbnbphae/ trxbnbphae/ trxbnbphae/

cd public html/public html/public html/public html/public html/

migrate php artisan

When you check the database now, you'll notice that the tables have been correctly created.

Considerations for Databases

Laravel includes an AppUser Eloquent model in your app directory by default. This model is compatible with Eloquent's default authentication driver. You can utilise the database authentication driver, which uses the Laravel query builder, if your application does not use Eloquent.

Make that the password column in the database schema for the AppUser model is at least 60 characters long. It would be a good idea to keep the default string column length of 255 characters.

Also, make sure that your users (or comparable) table has a 100-character nullable string remember token field. This column will be used to keep track of user tokens. that when logging into your program, you select the "remember me" option.


The php artisan make: auth command, as indicated in the previous section, will construct all of the views required for authentication and place them in the resources/views/auth directory.

The make:auth command will also generate a base layout for your application in the resources/views/layouts directory. The Bootstrap CSS framework is used in all of these views, but you are free to adapt them as you see fit.


You're ready to register and authenticate new users for your application now that you've set up routes and views for the authentication controllers that came with it! Because the authentication controllers already have the code (via their traits) to authenticate existing users and save new users in the database, you may utilize your application in a browser.


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