Simple Ways To Get Or Find Instagram User ID Number From Username

2 days ago | Dr. Mable Schoen V

Simple Ways To Get Or Find Instagram User ID Number From Username

Instagram is a social media application that lets the users share memorable moments with others by using their accounts on android or IOs. All celebrities use this social media platform; for sharing their life moments with their fans. You can use the Instagram application on your android or IOs by creating your account on this social platform. If you have lost your user id, you can get this Find Instagram User ID Number from Username; easily. There are many ways to find Instagram user IDs for your profile. In this article, you will find some simple ways; to Get Instagram Username from An Instagram User Id.

What Is My User Id Instagram?

User id in Instagram is a Unique key to access your account and send; by the Instagram server to the users uniquely. You cannot set this user's id because it is sent; by Instagram, and you have to save this id to; get signed to your Instagram application on your Android device or IOs. You can Get Instagram Username from An Instagram User Id. When you create an Instagram account, you get a user id and Username; to log in to your account and use this social platform for being famous. Once you sign in to the Instagram application with your User Id, you can use your Username; for the signing-in process. This User id is unique and not changeable. If you lost the User Id, you can also Find Instagram User Id With Email or by using some other ways.

Simple Ways to Find Instagram User Id:

To find your Instagram User id is easy, and there are many simple ways to get your user id for your account to sign to your application again on a different device. Here are some ways to find your Instagram User Id by a User name or using your email.

  1. Find Instagram Id By User Name with the help of a Tool:

The simple and easy to find your Instagram User id is to log in to your Instagram account and use your user name to access your Id Number. You can Find Instagram User ID Number from Username easily and quickly. It is a quick and easiest way to get your Instagram User Id and sign to any other device in the Instagram application. You can use an online tool to use your Instagram username for finding your Instagram ID. For this purpose, you have to follow these simple steps

Go to the internet browser of the device and search; for the Instagram Id finder tool; to get your User Id. This online tool will require your Instagram Username to let you find your user id for free. Open the online tool and put the Instagram username. Click and wait for some seconds to get the results. This online tool will tell you the User Id of your Instagram account quickly and safely. Use this User Id where you need it. You can copy your Instagram User id from this tool; directly. Or run the id URL for your account information where you will Find Instagram User ID Number from the Username.

  1. Find Instagram User Id Manually:

The other easy method to find your Instagram User ID is to follow the manual method and use the Instagram Website. This method is also quick and simpler; for finding the User Id on the Instagram platform. You have to visit the Instagram website and log in to your account; for getting the Instagram User Id with Username directly. Go to the Instagram website by opening the web browser of your android device or IOs. Open the home page; where you will find the sign-in option; to access your account. Put your username and password to go to your profile page on Instagram. When you have the Instagram profile page in front of you, search the option Profile URL.  When you will open this option, you will find a page with your Instagram User Id. You can find your User Id; with other information. Search your user id by Using the data find command Ctrl+F or search manually. It is easy and simple of finding; the Instagram User Id by using your username manually. Copy the user id number to use the User id on the application; to use on a new device easily.


Instagram is a social media application for sharing online stories and visual content online. You can install the application on your android device to share your content with others. When you create an account, you get a user id to; get sign in to the Instagram app on your android device. If you lost your user id, you can find your Instagram User ID Number from your Username; using an online tool or go to an Instagram website quickly.


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