Six Common Business Problems That Microsoft Intune Account Helps Solve

1 week ago | Elvie Kub

Six Common Business Problems That Microsoft Intune Account Helps Solve

In today’s modern workforce, more devices than ever before are being used by employees to stay connected and be productive when they're away from the office. With the Microsoft Intune account, you can control how people access corporate data so that it is protected in compliance with regulations like GLBA (Good Judgment exception). 

The Microsoft Intune platform helps IT, administrators, to protect the data on corporate devices by controlling who has access and how it can be used. With today’s modern workforce having more diverse options for staying connected than ever before, this is important employees need protection from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats like ransomware or hacking attempts that could lead them away from their jobs entirely if not dealt with quickly enough!

Microsoft Intune can be a great way to solve some common business problems. Microsoft Intune offers a number of useful features to help businesses solve their everyday problems. We'll take you through what it is and how six common issues are resolved by this program in today’s post!

What is Microsoft Intune? 

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based service that helps you keep your users' devices and services secure, compliant, and can help you access corporate data from anywhere at any time. 

Microsoft Intune is a mobile device management (MDM) service. Microsoft intune account that helps you manage the ever-increasing number and complexity of devices your employees use for work. With Apple's iPhone X release, it becomes even more important to collaborate with IT administrators so they can help keep corporate data protected at all times - which means this process might get easier too!

Six Microsoft Intune Account Common Business Problems:

  • Microsoft Intune Account solves the problem of your employees securely accessing email and data.

For many companies, their on-premises servers still provide the most reliable solution for email access. However with mobile devices becoming more popular and Intune managed certificates available from Microsoft Azure Active Directory Application Proxy or VPN Gateways that can be installed at your business' location it is possible to connect apps back into these environments without compromising security standards while also providing greater functionality through seamless integration between various platforms including desktop computers, laptops, etc., all thanks in part because they're utilizing cloud solutions! 

Your employees’ devices will be able to access corporate data only when they are compliant with your policies. This is ensured through the enrollment of those gadgets in Intune, which helps keep them secure and protected from virus attacks as well."

  • Microsoft Intune free Account Ensuring secure access to email and data through Office 365.

Microsoft Intune Account allows your organization to take advantage of a conditional access solution, which ensures that none of the employees' apps or devices can access data on Office 365 unless they are in compliance with the company requirements you've put into place.

You can make it a requirement that your employees are enrolled with Intune before they're allowed to access corporate data. But if you put the condition in place, for example, of requiring multi-factor authentication (MFA) then Microsoft EM+S won't allow them unless their MFA criteria have been met or verified - which means we'll need those tokens!

  • Microsoft Intune Account corporate-owned phones to your workforce.

Keep your employees productive with a mobile strategy. With so much happening in the world of work, you need to make sure that they have access not only when working on-site but also remotely through apps and online resources like web conferencing software or email attachments for sharing documents between multiple users without having them stored locally at each laptop computer connected via WiFi hotspots around town.

  • Limit employee access to corporate data only to the Microsoft Intune account that you control.

Microsoft Intune Account can help you manage conditional access to your corporate data so that only devices managed by the organization are eligible for accessing it. With Intunes there's no need to worry about users getting caught out with their personal phones and tablets when they shouldn't be able to mucky pictures or videos from work computers without permission! It also allows apps based on conditions that are perfect if someone has been dishonest about what permissions he had before - now we'll know where these risky applications live.

Problem Like use shared tablets with your employees:

The use of tablets in the workforce is becoming more popular, especially among retail employees. These portable devices are being handed out as an alternative to carrying around a heavy bag full of paperwork and Goods for Sale signs while on sales floors; they also allow workers to access information about inventory levels from anywhere at any time without having to go outside/upstairs (if there's no WiFi).

With the rise of smartphones, more and more people are bringing their own devices to work. But there is a major challenge when it comes time for employers to want to access - many employees don't want you guys seeing what they're doing online! Creator Your Microsoft account now.

In order to get around this issue though companies have started offering "bring-your-own" machine programs where workers can use any phone or laptop without worrying about IT getting hacked because we all know how much trouble those pesky hackers tend to be giving us every day at some point or another so let’s just make sure ours doesn't happen twice shall we?


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