Step-by-Step Guide To Log In Axie Infinity On Android

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Step-by-Step Guide To Log In Axie Infinity On Android

If you are wanting to log in Axie Infinity on Android, here is the right place for you.

How to Register for an Axie Infinity Account

Here's a brief guide to setting up an Axie Infinity account:

  1. Install MetaMask
  2. Create a MetaMask wallet
  3. Install Ronin Wallet
  4. Create a Ronin Wallet
  5. Register for an Axie Infinity account
  6. Setup your email and password

From start to finish, these are the procedures for setting up your Axie Infinity.

  1. Install MetaMask

MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet that serves as your entry point to the Ethereum blockchain, which is where Axie Infinity is hosted.

To get the MetaMask app, simply go to

MetaMask is a browser add-on for desktop users. It's also available as an app for mobile users.

Make sure you only download from the original source, not from any shady third-party sites!

  1. Create a MetaMask wallet

You should build your own MetaMask wallet after installing the MetaMask programme on your device. This is where you'll keep your cryptocurrency until you're ready to spend it on in-game items.

Once MetaMask has finished installing, click "Get Started" to begin the process of creating a wallet.

The procedure is simple, but keep in mind that you must remember your secret backup phrase and keep it safe and secure at all times!

Write it down on a sheet of paper, make several copies, and store them safely.

  1. Install Ronin Wallet

The makers of Axie Infinity created Ronin as a side-chain.

The Ronin chain now handles all transactions in Axie Infinity. This is done to reduce gas costs and wait times on the Ethereum main network.

The official Ronin Wallet browser extension can be downloaded at Sky Mavis's Ronin Wallet official page.

  1. Create a Ronin Wallet

After that, you'll need to make a Ronin Wallet. It's a lot like setting up a MetaMask wallet.

A window will appear when you install the Ronin Wallet extension; click Get Started to begin setting up your wallet.

Simply complete the instructions again, and remember to put your seed phrase somewhere safe and secure!

You're now ready to signup for an Axie Infinity account after successfully setting up a Ronin wallet!

  1. Register for an Axie Infinity account

You've almost made it! It's finally time to link your Ronin wallet to an Axie Infinity account.

To create an Axie Infinity account, go to the Marketplace page and click on the Login button on the top right.

The website will then prompt you to choose a login method. "Login with Ronin wallet" is an option.

A new popup will appear for your wallet extensions; simply confirm them.

Finally, for your Axie Infinity account, enter in your name.

  1. Setup your email and password

Finally, to finalise the setup, add your email address to your Axie Infinity account.

Simply select "Setup email & password" from the "Account" menu.

After that, copy and paste the verification code that was sent to your email.

Congratulations if everything went smoothly! You've successfully linked a Ronin Wallet to an Axie Infinity account.

How to buy Axies from the Marketplace

To begin, you'll need to purchase a beginner squad of three Axies from the Marketplace.

Axies can be acquired with your Ronin wallet's ETH tokens.

To add ETH tokens to your Ronin wallet, you must first purchase ETH on a cryptocurrency platform like Binance.

This link will let you to simply create a Binance account and purchase tokens from the exchange.

Withdraw the ETH to your MetaMask wallet, then use the Ronin Bridge to send it to your Ronin wallet.

You can now purchase Axies from the Axie Marketplace after successfully adding ETH tokens to your Ronin wallet.

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