Steps To Delete TikTok Account

6 days ago | Marco Bode DVM

Steps To Delete TikTok Account

TikTok is the most used app by every generation all around the world now a day. This app was discovered in 2012 and provides you with some engaging content in the form of short videos. Tiktok is a great source of entertainment without any doubt with interesting and relatable videos. For young people, it has become a platform for the production of different varieties of content and shows their talents where many people also especially students earn money through making videos by promoting a brand or something. But this app is also got our youth misguided by the extra and misuse of it which also forced the Pakistani government to ban it temporarily. Through this app, many people got connected and people came to know about different cultures and traditions. According to the source, the software is currently earning revenue of up to $1 million every year.

There are solid reasons to cancel your TikTok account, whether you have privacy issues or are concerned about what short-form videos are doing to your attention span. If you choose to delete your TikTok account, you should be aware that all of your videos will be lost unless they were saved or downloaded by another user. So make sure to save any favorite videos on your phone before you commit the deed. Here's how to say goodbye to TikTok for good once you've backed up the videos you want to save. Most people find themselves addicted to this app. If you’re also indulged in it, whenever you open TikTok end up wasting hours on it and now you want to delete your TikTok account so you’ve browsed the right website. Today we will guide you step by step to delete a TikTok account by the app. We got to know that many TikTok users after creating their accounts want to delete so people out there browsing and surfing still got no answer to their question, here we are. Our blog is all about answering your question in the easiest way you’ll find. All you have to do is follow these simple four steps.

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  • Go to your profile:

 After opening the app first thing you have to do is tap on your TikTok profile which is being labelled at the right side of the bottom.

  • Click ‘…’ icon:

Then click on the three lines/dots (in some mobile phones it is mentioned in the form of lines and in some there are dots) showing on the top of the right side.

  • Tap on ‘manage my account’:

After clicking the previous icon ‘privacy and settings’ option will pop up in which you have to go to the ‘manage my account’ option to delete your TikTok account.

  • Click ‘delete account’:

Now clicking at managing my account ‘delete account’ option will come up where, they’ll ask the reason for deleting your TikTok account but end up successfully deleting it whereas, in some phones, they send confirmation on mobile numbers if mention to deactivate or permanently deleting your TikTok account.

Once you agree to it your account will be deactivated and then terminated after 30 days.

In case you are deleting your TikTok account because of privacy issues so TikTok provide their user's several privacy policies and options to protect their data by following some simple rules;

  1. Even while all accounts on the platform started as Public, the TikTok app may be utilized in Private mode. Once you go to private mode, which allows you to select who can see the content you share on your account, all new followers will have to submit you a friend request to access your videos. This function can be turned on by going to the Settings menu and selecting the Privacy and Safety option. After that, simply turn on the Private Account option, and only your followers will be able to watch the stuff you post on TikTok after a short while.
  2. You may manage who can view your profile by enabling the 'Allow others to find me' option. If you activate it, your account will not display in the platform's friend suggestions. This option can be found under the Privacy and Safety menu, so if it's on by default, you can just turn it off. If you decide that you wish to be featured in follower ideas at any point in the future, you can turn it back on.
  3. Another strategy to improve your safety on TikTok is to limit the number of people that can contact you through this video-sharing network. The Privacy and Safety menu has settings for Who may send me messages and Who can send me comments, so you can easily change both of these to Just Friends if you don't want to receive messages from TikTok users you don't know.


Recent updates of deleting your TikTok account have been made it much easier to delete your account and once you delete it there is no other option to recover it. So these were some easy hacks to either deactivate your TikTok account or improve the privacy of your account, if you found it helpful share as much as you can so that others can also get help from it.

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