Things You Need To Know About Salesforce Login

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Things You Need To Know About Salesforce Login

Salesforce is one of the most customizable and versatile CRM platforms available today. And now that you've spent all that time and money organizing, setting it up, and putting it in place, you're ready to check on leads and sales every day! What's even more, how do you log in?

That's correct. It is not just you who is affected. As powerful and intuitive as the Salesforce platform might be once properly set up and configured, many users find checking in to be a challenge. It's not just you who already has trouble logging into Salesforce. But it's all right. We've got your back.

How to Log in

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Simply go to to activate your Salesforce account.

If you need to log that use your company's custom domain, go off to and click the "Use custom domain" button in the bottom right corner of the box. Don't know that domain can use? It's most probable in the power of your system administrator.

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Logging in for the first time
If this is your first time login into Salesforce, you'll need to establish your username and the link to your organization's org in an email received by your Salesforce Systems Administrator. Check your email for the username and password, so go to your organization's Salesforce org and click on the link. The link will automatically log you in to the site. Afterwards, you'll be instructed to make a passwords and a security question.

Logging in to Sandbox
You may have configured Sandbox when you first installed Salesforce, but you may not have needed to log in until now. For Sandbox, the login link is different. Go to to somehow get begin. Then, by using name your System Administrator chose for your Sandbox, enter your credentials. If your administrator selected the name "test," you'll really have to add.test to the end of your email.

Salesforce admin login as another user

You might allow system administrators to log in as any user in the organisation in Salesforce without having to ask customers for permissions.

Allowing system administrators to join in as any member is a good time to check new features in some kind of a testing environment. It may be used to replicate a problem that a certain user is experiencing or to test permissions for individual users.

In the setting up quick finding box, navigate to Setup -> Login Access Policies to enable this option.

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Afterwards, check box for Administrators Can Log in as Any User.

When you allow admins to log in as any member, a login option will be available whenever you view members in the salesforce login.

Managed packages that are authorized to an entire Salesforce org cannot be provided login access via users. Some tended products don't even have login access, consequently they might not even appear on the login access policies page.

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When you click login, you'll see that the Salesforce org it through eyes of that user. When testing a user's access during developing, this can be incredibly useful.

To log in as, you can also create test users.

You can contact Salesforce to just get the Administrators can log in as any user ability revoked instantaneously.

If Administrators can log in as any user is not activated, the user must provide a salesforce admin login access to their account before a salesforce admin could log in as that user. The user can specify a time limitation.

In the event that if something goes wrong in the end, here is a method to manage.

Step 1: Use the links below to get it to the official Salesforce Login As Another User Logout login page. If you want more troubleshooting steps, your browser will promptly open a new tab when you click.

Step 2: Enter your username and password. These are the details given by Salesforce Login As Another User Logout when you sign up or via a Salesforce Login As Another User Logout agent.

Step 3 :After pressing "Enter," a pop-up window should appear on your screen stating that you have adequately logged out of Salesforce Login As Another User Logout.

Step 4: If you are unable to access the Salesforce Login As Another User Logout website, follow these steps.  


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