Tips To Let Customers Login To Your Store Using A Facebook Account

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Tips To Let Customers Login To Your Store Using A Facebook Account

Customers can register with your SHOPLINE store using a Facebook account in addition to email.

Facebook developed the feature of one-click login using a Facebook account. Installing the Facebook application on the store allows merchants to enable it. We'll need to first develop the Facebook app, then return to the store to install it. Please be patient and follow the procedures to set it up because there are many. If the screen does not match this description or there are other issues, please take screenshots of your operation and send them to our Online Merchant Success Team for assistance.

Note that the Facebook application is made out of assets developed by your company through your own Facebook account and is not held by SHOPLINE. Please read the permissions and usage terms carefully, including the annual notices and data audits from Facebook. Please respond within the deadline if you receive a Facebook "data use check" message in the app inbox in the future to avoid your app being disabled by Facebook.

1. How to enable the Facebook login feature

Step 1: Log in to Facebook Developers.

Please go to Facebook for Developers and log in using your Facebook personal account, then go to [My Apps] > [Create App] to begin building a Facebook application.

Remind yourself that if your Facebook account has already created the Facebook app, you'll see a pop-up asking you to "Select an app type." To develop your app, select the third option, "Consumer," and then finish the setup by following the instructions below.

Step 2: Make a Facebook application

Please note that consumers will be able to see "Display Name" during the login procedure. Fill in your "Store / Brand Name" and your / company's contact email address if possible. You have the option of selecting your Facebook Business Manager account as well. Click "Create App" once you've done filling out the form.

A "Security Check" pop-up window will display. Click "Send it in" once you've double-checked everything.

Step 3: Download and install the "Facebook Login" application

You will then be sent to a website where you may make an application. Select "Facebook Login" from the drop-down menu "Make a plan.

Please opt to utilize the app in "Web" after entering the Facebook Login settings page.

Step 4: Go to the store's website and type in the URL

In the "Site URL" field, type or to enter your store's homepage URL. Please ensure that the URL begins with https: / and is securely encrypted. After you've confirmed the URL, click the "Save" button in the lower right corner and wait for the URL to be saved by the application.

Step 5: In the "Basic" section of the App, enter the settings

To finish the settings of the App Domains, Privacy Policy URL, App Icon, Business Use, Terms of Service URL, Category, and Site URL, navigate to the main panel on the left and enter "Settings" >> "Basic."

2. Domains of Application (Required)

There will be a total of two URLs required in this area (original domain and URL with subdomain). Please use the techniques listed below to get and paste them, then input them into the field by pressing "Enter (Windows) / Return (Mac)" on your keyboard. It is only a correct entry when the URL becomes grey writing on a blue backdrop.

• If your store has a one-of-a-kind URL, such as,

Please provide the following two URLs: and

• If your store's URL is free, such as,

Please enter the following two URLs: and

Please replace the "red bold example text" in the above with your store's URL links. If you're not sure what your shop's unique URL or free URL is, you can copy it from the store's front page.

Please use your store URL rather than the official SHOPLINE URL.

3. URL for the Privacy Policy (Required)

The privacy policy explains how the website will handle Internet users' personal information. The statement of the privacy policy will be effective as a standard form contract if the website user agrees to it. One of the most important reviews for applying for payment, Google Advertising, Facebook App, and other services is the disclosure of "Privacy Terms" in your store.

Beginning in 2020, Facebook will increase the security of Facebook accounts and conduct a thorough examination of external websites' privacy policies. It is recommended that you go to your admin panel and build a "Privacy Policy" page using the text page or advanced page, then put the page link into this area. Please see the SHOPLINE Sample Store Page for further information on format and content (for reference only, please edit according to your actual using, specifications, and requirements).

"Privacy Policy" should be included in your page title, and "privacy-policy" should be included in the SEO setting description as well, so that Facebook can recognise your page and privacy policy content.

• If your store has a unique URL, you'll get a URL that looks something like this:

• If your store utilises a free URL, you'll obtain a URL that looks something like this:

Please replace the "red bold sample text" in the above with your store URL links. If you're not sure what your shop's unique URL or free URL is, you can copy it from the store's front page.

4. Deletion of User Data (Required)

Please input the homepage URL if the field is blank, such as or Please ensure that the URL begins with https:// and is securely encrypted.

5. Classification (Required)

Please select the appropriate choice from the menu based on the sort of store you have or the services you provide.

6. URL for the Terms of Service (Recommended)

This URL link will appear in the Facebook login application window's "App Terms." We recommend that you change the default page of your store, "Terms and Conditions," to reflect your current scenario and describe your service policy and transaction details. Then, in this field, paste the pagination URL link.

7. Icon for the App (Recommended)

In the customer login process, the App Icon will appear alongside the "Display Name." We recommend that you upload the store logo or brand icon for customers to lessen their concerns about fraud or the gathering of user information through unofficial channels. Images with a resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixels and a file size of 5MB are recommended by Facebook.

8. Application in the Workplace (Recommended)

• If you own a business, select "Yourself or your own business."

• Please pick "Clients" if you are an agent/agency operator for other firms.

9. Web address (Required)

After there, scroll down to the "Website" area. Please type the homepage URL again if the field is blank, for example, or Please ensure that the URL begins with https:// and is securely encrypted. After approval, click the "Save Changes" button in the lower right corner.

Step 6: Select [Facebook Login] > [Settings] from the [Facebook Login] menu

Next, go to the [Facebook Login] > [Settings] section of the application and enter the "Client OAuth Login Settings" in the [Facebook Login] > [Settings] section.

Step 7: Verify the authorisation status of the application data

To get enhanced access permissions, navigate to [App Review] > [Permissions and Features] and confirm and enable the email and public profile options.

Please note that if Facebook has disabled your application, you will need to finish the Facebook review process before enabling advanced access authorisation. Please double-check that the application settings are right before submitting it to Facebook for approval.

Step 8: Verify the Status of Your Application

At the top of the App page, look for the "Switch" next to the "Application ID." The switch must be set to "Live" in order for the programme to work. (If the switch is turned off, the status will be "In Development.")

Please select "Switch Mode" when turning on the switch to activate your application. Customers will not be able to check in to the business using their Facebook account if the application is turned off!

Step 9: Get ready to enter data into the store's backend

To see the entire codes, go to [Settings] >> [Basic] and click the "Show" button next to "Application Secret" in the main panel on the left.

Return to your SHOPLINE shop panel to set up the App ID and App Secret.

Step 10: Return to the SHOPLINE Store Settings page

Please return to your SHOPLINE store panel and go to "Settings" >> "Customer Settings," look for the "Customer Facebook Login" field, and enable it.

Then, in the appropriate areas, paste the App ID and App Secret codes. Please save the options by clicking the "Update" button in the lower right corner after you're finished. After you've completed the steps above, your clients can use the Facebook login feature.

Step 11: Make your coworkers' accounts administrators

Because the Facebook for Developers application is developed and linked to a personal account, it is recommended that you connect the Facebook accounts of your coworkers as administrators to minimise internal operational problems.

Step 12: Confirm that you can use the Facebook login feature

Congratulations! The setup is complete, and you can now check it out in your store!

Please go to your store's member login page and click the "Check in with Facebook" button, which will open a Facebook window asking customers to log in and authorise your login application (app display name and icon appear here). 

Customers must give the Facebook login application permission to access their data in order to utilise the Facebook login feature. The Facebook login function will not work if the consumer refuses to approve.

There are a lot of stages to this function's setup. Please snap a screenshot of the issue and submit it to the Online Merchant Success Team if you have any queries regarding the App or login settings. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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