What Is EA Play? Everything You Need To Know About EA Play

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What Is EA Play? Everything You Need To Know About EA Play

EA Play is a yearly event that Electronic Arts puts on for its fans. This event is essentially a mini-E3, where gamers can come and see all of the new games EA has coming up in the near future. Gamers can also check out some of the older games that EA has released over the past year or so. In addition to checking out upcoming games, attendees can also participate in various panels and Q&A sessions with developers. Finally, there are usually some pretty big announcements made at the EA Play app, so it's definitely worth checking out if you're interested in gaming news.

What is EA Play?

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EA Play is EA's yearly event where gamers can come and check out some of the latest EA games. This year, EA Play will be taking place from June 10th-12th in Los Angeles.

What are EA's biggest announcements? Each year EA puts on EA Play, they usually make a couple of important game announcements that they want their fans to be aware of. EA tends to release more information about EA Play closer to the event, so it's not unlikely that EA play app will have some big announcements this year as well.

The service gives you access to EA’s vault of games, where they have many new releases and discounts available. You can get 10% off on purchases from their online store with this subscription!

On Which Platform Is EA Play available

EA tends to release EA Play app information for all of its major platforms (i.e. Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch). EA has already announced that EA Play will be available on Nintendo Switch this year, but EA hasn't confirmed anything else yet.

What games will EA be showcasing? EA's game announcements tend to come in waves each year. EA usually announces a handful of new games during EA Play and they tend to trickle out more announcements over the following few weeks or months. As mentioned above, EA Play is essentially EA's mini-E3, so we expect EA to release some pretty big announcements this year as well.

How Much Does EA Play App Cost?

EA Play is completely free to attend. EA does have a mobile app, but it's free as well and can be used to check out EA news, schedule events, and reserve seats at EA panels (more on this later). EA has not announced if EA Play will be available on any other platforms, nor have they confirmed how much the EA play app costs.

There are two plans available. One is $5 per month or 30 dollars for one year, which makes it less expensive than other services with similar features and saves you 50%. On top of that if pay upfront then there will be no further cost associated with using this app - sounds good right?

Which Games are available on EA App? 

EA has a lot of games, but we've separated them between EA original games and EA purchases available on EA's app.

EA Original Games

Here is the EA play game list:

- A Way out (Available now) - Unravel 2 (Coming Soon) - Sea of Solitude (Coming Soon) - Command & Conquer: Rivals (Available Now)

Aside from that, EA is set to release most of its major games in the next few months, so EA Play will likely have some information on these titles. EA hasn't announced any EA Play events for this year yet, but they probably will at some point closer to EA Play app.

Lastly, you should consider the list of games available through EA Play. We won’t list all of them here — there are too many! But we will make a note of some notable inclusions for this service: One great thing is that as long as your subscription continues with no cancellation period between months or years (depending) then eventually every recent annualized sports title from Madden NFL series up until and including FIFA 19 becomes playable at no additional cost once they become available.

For players who want to get the most out of their games, EA Play app Pro is an excellent option. With this service, you can access premium editions and extra content that may not be available otherwise at no cost--$15 per month or 100 bucks annually!

The best way to get access to the newest games from EA is with their Play Pro service. This gives you monthly or yearly subscriptions, which include all releases up until date as well as premium content like season passes and extra downloadable episodes (DLC). You can also enjoy this on PC only right now but they're working towards bringing it over into other platforms soon!


If you're a gamer and don't want to wait until E3 for your yearly fix of games, EA Play is the event for you. At this event, gamers can check out all the new upcoming titles from Electronic Arts as well as play some older classics. You'll also be able to participate in panels with developers or just enjoy some quality time gaming at one of the many booths set up throughout the venue. To learn more about what's happening at EA Play and how it will impact your favorite video game franchises.


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