What Is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?-How Does It Work?

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What Is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?-How Does It Work?

Most of the time, it happens that you go out with your friends enjoying a happy meal, and then the waiter comes back with a sorry look. The reason is that your card has been declined. Although you just got paid and knew you have enough money to cover the food, your card still doesn't work on the second or third tries. Then your friends pay the bill, and then when you check your bank statement, your fears are confirmed that your balance is zero and you have been hacked.

Cybercriminals are hungry for passwords, as you see in many news articles about hacks and data leaks. An unprotected password can help cybercriminals get access to your bank account, credit cards. From there, they can sell your personal information, get access to your money, or compromise your entire digital security.

But the battle is not lost; there is a way to boost your online accounts' safety by two-factor authentications, basically famous as 2FA that adds an extra layer to your accounts. This article contains all the information about what are Two-Factor. Authentication (2FA)?-How Does It Work?

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Two Factor Authentications (2FA):

An extra layer of security is used to provide more protection to your account by ensuring that the person trying to access your account is you. 2FA is a process in which users give two different authentication factors to verify themselves. This process depends on the user providing a password and a second factor, basically either a security token or a biometric factor.

2FA has long been used to control access to sensitive systems and data. Online service providers are increasingly using Two Factor authentication to protect their user's credentials from being used by hackers who have stolen a password database or used phishing campaigns to get users' passwords.

Authentication Factors:

There are hundreds of different ways in which someone can be authenticated using more than one authentication method. Most authentication methods recently depend on knowledge factors, like traditional passwords, while two-factor authentication (2FA) methods are added either as a possession or an inherence factor. Here is the list of authentication factors.

A Location Factor:

It is donated by the location from which an authentication attempt is being made. It can enforce by limiting authentication attempts to particular devices in a specific location or, more commonly, by tracking the geographic source of an authentication attempt based on the IP address or some other geo-location information.

A Time Factor:

This factor restricts the user authentication to the particular time frame in which logging on is permitted and restricts access to the system outside of that time window.

A Possession factor:

The user has, like ID card, a security token, a cell phone, a mobile device, or a smartphone application, to verify authentication requests.

Working of Two Factor Authentication:

Adding the extra step to the account means thieves will struggle to get your personal information. When it becomes increasingly easy for cybercriminals to get the password, two-factor authentications are essential than ever. After determines, which 2FA method is best for you, here is a quick rundown about the working of 2FA.

Biometric Two-factor Authentication:

Biometric 2FA works by requiring you to give something distinctive to your physical person to get access to your account. Common biometric verification methods have retina scans with the help of your computer's camera or a need to use your fingerprint on your tablet.

While increasingly famous, it is very important to note limitations to these methods exist. Unlike a changeable password, stealing information about your retina or fingerprint would contain your security and privacy for life.

Text Message:

Text messages for 2FA send a sign-in code to a mobile device number to register with the account. It is the most streamlined form of two-factor authentication. You need a cellphone and a connection to a wireless network.

Text message Two Factor authentication is very common for personal accounts, but it is not without risk. There is a chance someone can impersonate you to the phone company, hijack your phone, and gain unauthorized access to your accounts.

Corporations should be careful of this method in case employees have committed corporate phone lines. Dispelling access through a personal number of an employee risks a fired employee doing major damage. Additionally, employees' phone plans may not provide service everywhere, which risks an employee locking themselves out of their accounts while on an international business trip.

Authentication Applications:

Authentication app 2FA works by using a mobile app to create an authentication code. Then you have to enter this code to get access to your account. Unlike text messages, apps don't need the user to get access to a wireless network.

Any internet connection is adequate to ingress your account. Additionally, authentication apps such as Google provide a list of backup codes to use in case of connectivity problems.

This is the reason why users should download & install a free 2FA app on their smartphone or desktop immediately now to secure their account as well as their personal information on the internet.


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